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ordered one of each. cant wait to see how they look on my wrist.
that is sharp. I have no need for nato straps right now...but I think I will buy one (or 2) anyways. Will send payment soon.
If you must ask, yes.
IS it too late to enter? Just ordered a pair from context. Should be here in a couple of days.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius First, don't buy a "nice" watch online. It's considered a gray market and you won't get a real warranty. Second, Tag is barely a "nice" watch. It's considered a mall watch. I'd recommend saving up for something a little more refined. I like tags. I put it on par with Omega...but this is my opinion of course. seems to have a good selection and decent prices. Also check...
Quote: Originally Posted by nabentroth I had to jump on this! Darltons incoming. I know I am pretty new to the forum and haven't posted too much yet, but the generosity is greatly appreciated. Glad that you got good use out of it!
RL Pre-sale Code: EPRE828573 Items are up to 45% off and the 15% coupon can be stacked on top of it. The Darltons are 30% off so with the coupon, it gets the price down to $450 or so. I almost took the plunge but I dont need to be spending that much on shoes. anyhow, hoping someone can get some good use out of it. I believe it expires tomorrow and it's for one time use.
Could you post measurements? Thanks.
Just curious if having a winder is necessary. I've never used one. I've had a datejust for a few yrs now and just set the time whenever I needed to. I just picked up a breitling superocean heritage and started thinking that maybe getting a dual winder would be a good investment. But then I've heard from some that having a winder will wear down the movement faster since it's constantly running. Thoughts?
did a whois lookup. and it's registered in the US. most sites that I came across selling fakes were registered in china/
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