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Lets try this again.
my ebay items Some stuff that is ending in the next 48 hours, including a couple NWT cucinelli tops, cucinelli pants, Redwing GT boots in cigar, couple RLBL items, Louis Vuitton wallet, etc...thanks for looking! If you win and indicate you are a forum member, free shipping!
return the pleated shorts and buy a FF pair? I associate pleated shorts with middle age guys with a belly, with a polo shirt 2 sizes too big tucked in.
just picked up a pair of the red slim fit chinos for $15 from their sale. Really impressed. I would have happily paid retail ($50). Very soft fabric...slim through the legs without being skinny. I'm a 35-36 waist. Went with 34's and I am very happy with the fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by HarleyBob I find it interesting that JAB gets slammed all the time on this forum for their pricing strategies (I'm not talking about quality or lack thereof of their products,) yet CT and others that do the same thing get the love. What's up with that? Perception is reality.
Quote: Originally Posted by stormin10 Im not sure about the authenticity of your Millionaires but, what I do know is that when I was selling mine which were the same in every way including the serial number. You determined that they were "fake". How are yours any more "authentic" than mine were? Obviously b/c he's a Mod of an LV forum! I recall the thread...and remember him stating this...but I dont he ever said what forum he was a mod for.
I recently changed positions in my company. Went from a sales director (leading a sales team) to a hedge analyst/trader on our capital markets team. Salary more than tripled. BUT my overall income will be reduced by about 30-40% since I went from a salary + commission pay structure to salary + end of yr bonus structure.
would you mind posting the measurements (specifically waist and hem opening) on the marc jacobs jeans? thanks
Got mine a couple days ago from Context. The waist/seat is a little roomier than I like so I will have to get them altered a bit. will post pics once I do.
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