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yes, it's my personal elevator which goes from my closet to the steezcave
heyy, haven't posted in a while so here's two   toj/our legacy/cos/our legacy   our legacy/japan blue/our legacy
COOL posing   toj/our legacy/cos/our legacy
tried a #menswear look on the weekend with stuff I have h&m/h&m/michelsons of london/cos/allen edmondsthe jacket is pretty wrinkly and fits kind of poorly, I probably could've adjusted it a bit better for the picture but ah well. removed the padding myself so it's supposed to look pretty casual  [[SPOILER]]
hello hello! here's some stuff I tried out recently   h&m linen suit with docs   h&m linen shirt, h&m suit pants, docs   toj dr, cos hidden placket shirt with coated collar, dressmann suit pants, docs
toj/cos/cos/our legacy   pretending it's summer already. I guess the jacket is off here, still like to wear it whenever I can
yeah - also made this other neat calendar  [[SPOILER]]
this is what a person's face looks like after a week of going to bed at ~7am cos/cos/japan blue/our legacy
the temperature jumped from -15c to +5c in one day, crazy [[SPOILER]]  
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