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I wouldnt call them to shiny at all but concentrate more on toe and blend into rest of the shoe. Never over polish in velt as it will crack. Military shines are called military shines for a reason ie not for normal shoes. Check shoe snob blog or
Most shoe polishes rebranded such as berluti etc are LCA Same polish rebranded Saphir is never rebranded as its to expensive to rebrand
Mahogany is to red I would use the light brown and darken were necessary with medium or dark brown
Plus its an artform to them why is that degrading?? The guy with flat cap and braces yes but a well spoken well dressed shoeshine guy with £200-800 shoes dosent feel degraded he embraces his artform like a barber etc
Iasbar There are a few in london using Saphir theres more than one lol London Hilton (shoeshineuk)( Londonshoeshine ( Shoe snob ( Similar to Saphir Etc etc These three are way ahead of other worldwide
Told on my visit today the guy at London Hilton shoeshine is visiting Sergio boss of Saphir in Barcelona in two weeks to tie up a sponsorship deal Shoeshine has gone up a level from old Kiwi days. Did some investigation guy at Burlington uses a rebranded chinese wax called top shine oh dear :0( Any shoeshine in that arcade would be popular but dont mean its good take my word for it. Look how popular mcdonalds is for example Hilton or Gieves for me nobody else can touch...
Shoeshine has a stigma which many on here convey Done correctly its an artform London Hilton has amazing by hand service Gieves and Hawkes also If in Toronto airport aswell (Steven Skippen) (Justin Fitzpatrick) Equals in profession
London Hilton or Gieves and Hawkes why not go there first its only 15 minute train ride? In my personal opinion Steven and Justin are leagues ahead of any other service in London. I had shoes shined all over and my favourite two are right next to each other in Piccadilly. Hilton is a sit down or drop off service by hand using Saphir etc and Gieves is a drop off service etc. Why fix something that isnt broken. Worst I had is also in London by the ritz wont name on...
Beautiful shoes what a wonderful colour. A good patina is needed. I took my old Berlutis to London Hilton Park Lane shoeshine. He was once offered a job by berluti so unless want to take back to Berluti for £60 refurbish he is probably best. Ill keep looking in oxfams lol
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