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  Amen. In fact, I don't even add family members on FB either.   Maybe I should delete my girlfriend too.
Sounds like an episode of Suits.  
Maybe he is referring to their buy 4 shirts and get 40% off sale last December.   Or maybe he mistyped and meant 3 shirts for $150, which hasn't been too uncommon.   And then there is the 3 for $135 sale in 2010.   So many sales, yet so little opportunity for Toronto folk like us.
  A bit of both I suppose. Visiting relatives in Ireland, where I've never been before. A little bit of meeting people and getting into adventures may be on the list.  
Exams ending in two weeks and then an out of country trip.
Jokes on her, I won't be snared into the marriage trap.
The sale just passed last month, as did the Amazon sale for firsts.Right now the AE shoe bank has both of the shoes you listed for $200 each I think.Perhaps you can wait until after Christmas for better deals, not sure if any will come up though.
Thanks OP! Ordered 3 dress shirts, 1 formal white tie, a black belt (for a gift), a tie bar and a lint roller! Shipping was only $10 to Canada, and duties were minimal.
The Park Avenues in black are $264 on Amazon in my size but the duties they charge at checkout are beyond insane.   I'm considering getting seconds for $200 but for only $64 less, I'm not so sure.   I may just have Amazon ship it near the border and then pick it up but I won't be in Buffalo for a few months. Tough tough decisions, what to do what to do..
^ I don't think the two deals can be combined.   Also, even if you order multiple dress shirts, it seems like you only get 1 tie per order (not per shirt).
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