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  I don't think it's good to feed the feeble-minded by encouraging their behavior.
  Not better, just faster.   Having gone through multiple surgeries, I'm left to wonder if I was American would I be without an arm by now? Hmmm.   edit: I should probability clarify that I was referring to the costs.
I can't think of a single thing that I like more about America over Canada, except the cheaper prices.   Come on over man.
  Well if the oh-so-unpleasant gentleman sends it back, I'll pleasantly take it off your hands (Canada) haha.
Just won a used pair of black Park Avenues for $60 on eBay.
  indeed.   Btw, no-fap doesn't really work from my experience. It just makes you super horny and paranoid, and not so very attractive women slowing start looking like Beyonce.
  For the first time?
I think their outlets carry the 346 line, which isn't part of the well renowned set of suits that everyone on SF and AAAC moans about. So you wouldn't exactly be getting "Brooks Brothers quality."
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