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Millionaires in this thread.  
Yeah. Brown doesn't cut it IMO. The way I see it is that a belt can last many years and is a safe investment in the sense that it is one less color you have to worry about matching with in the future. I just keep three colors: black, brown and burgundy. No white, merlot or anything silly.
The white James Harden.
  3 weeks to even begin the shipment is a bad feedback score, no doubt.   If they arrive in perfect condition and you're really happy, you can let him/her off with a neutral but awarding him a positive is a no-no because it isn't fair to future buyers. And give him 0 stars for shipping.
  Did the discount apply in-store (in Toronto) as well?
Interesting. I'm probably about 5'9" and 165lbs, and 16 is my neck size. I've had success with 32/33 and it seems like judging by your experience, 33 would probably fit me well.   The partial spread probably isn't for me but I think I'll walk in on Boxing Day and try to pick up some ESF dress shirts.   I'm totally the opposite, arms are often too long for me - not for dress shirts but for other long sleeves. And if I scale down the overall size, then the length gets too...
If you don't mind my asking, what is your body type and what sizes did you get?
I don't know man, there are about 5 billion people on this earth that would give their left _____ for access to the Canadian health care system, including many Americans.
  Please, I get into accidents and appear at the doctor's/hospital for a living.   Second, what good is fast and nice healthcare when not every member of your population can afford it?   I'm actually not a Canadian citizen, Swiss to be precise so no bending from this man.
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