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Though I don't support exploiting discounts put in place for a group of which one is not a member, I don't think you can make an argument that those who served in Iraq or attacked Libya put their lives in danger to support/defend their country - yet they are still eligible for the discount.Also, IMO, more than a way to thank them, these military discounts are a way to get regular civilians to buy their products as people are often patriotic and would support a company that...
It was the same case with my order. BB's processing system leaves a lot to desire.
Make a thread about how white men tend to be fashion kings and you'll be labelled as a racist prick.  
^ Mine still appears as "submitted."
^ Thanks guys.   Just went in and put a couple of things on hold. Unfortunately, half of the stuff that I wanted they didn't even have (4 dress shirts in ESF and trousers in black). The SA didn't really seem to want to order them in so I guess I'll just order the rest online in the US.
I need 2 sweaters, one or two pairs of shoe trees and a pair of chinos.   Are the Brooks Brothers SAs (in Toronto specifically) giving out the discounts (the initial % off plus the kicker) before the actual date or are they only keeping items on the side so one can pick them up on the sale day?   Thanks.
So sweaters would be (50% plus that amount minus 15%) 57.5% off? Seems pretty damn good IMO.   Btw, are merino wool sweaters from BB slim enough and how is their quality in general?
Sales associate.
eBay for the rings.  
Millionaires in this thread.  
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