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^ I've received an offer in the mail for 40% off one item in Toronto.
What is normally the best time (apart from near Christmas) to grab leather accesories?   I was thinking of getting the Cordovan Card Case. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Cordovan-Card-Case/609F________BLCK__________,default,pd.html?contentpos=69&cgid=0479
Hi,   I'd like to buy this jacket off someone for a fair price and shipped to Toronto, Canada. The size must be medium and it should be in good condition.   Please PM me for further discussion. Thank you.
Hi. I've been looking at purchasing a few jackets and I've already gotten two to add to my closet this week. But there is one thing left: a casual, olive one.   I really like the look of the Levi's Hooded Commuter Trucker in the Ivy color but it seems like it has been discountinued, and no Canadian shop (or likely American) has it.   Really I just want something that looks very similar to it in color and style, and without a hood. Here is what it looks...
I'm 5' 8.5" but I always round up to 5'9" because one inch less, and you risk being in the category of short. Actually I think the proper term is "manlet" but the point stands.     Not serious.   EDIT: I want to add that while I'm not sure how this project will turn out, I do like the idea. Too often is it the case that my shirts fit fine but the sleeves are too long. I can't give much advice other than yes, the name might be off-putting to some because they'd...
Just ordered two belts this morning! Didn't have much of a choice, this thread and the pictures forced my hand.   Just curious, how long does it take for them to be made and shipped?
Everyone in first year tries to outdress everyone else. By the time they get to 4th year, you can't tell whether they're students or homeless. The point is don't try to stand out by dressing fancy. Just make sure your hygiene and hair are good, your shoes are nice and clean, and your clothes fit your body shape. That's all you need as an undergrad, in my opinion. Don't drop a ton of money on clothes now because you likely will change your style in a few years. Oh, and a...
Those look terrific. What is the name of the color?
Burgundy with the navy.
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