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I read somewhere that the stylist from American idol will buy and H&M suit and then get it tailored for a good fit she gets a limted budget for the show. Nordstrom just did there half yearly sale for men on December 26th I think there might still be some good stuff :)  For transparency sake I sell shoes for nordies .Charcoal is more versatile then black and flattering on most men navy is also a good bet.Think of it as a story problem how can you get the most combinations...
Love the Mix of pattens, colors and textures it is both subtle and bold, all the elements that I love about menswear
Yes my story could have been composed better. I know this forum is geared towards men I joined because I have passion for menswear. I was a late bloomer and lost my virginity later then most women. I am empathetic towards late bloomers and how society views them. For example if you a female in your mid 20s who is a virgin people either think you are homely, super religious or think the world works like a romance novel. I am not homely when I lived in Chicago my roommate...
School as never been my thing I have a degree in political science and am an aspiring entrepreneur. I currently sell shoes at Nordstroms and think I would like my business to be related to men shoes like a store or a shoe company. I wrote a business plan for a men's styling company but feel that market maybe over-saturated and think that having products with service is valuable. I do know I need more experience, education and connections. A Little more about my...
OK I don't think post added to much to the discussion so I took it down
Please don't think the big dept store I work at lack of a return policy is permission to lease shoes for a weekend.
All I know is that Roger Goodell needs to find a different tone of white. I don't even pay attention to football all I know is when I see him on tv while I am at the bar. all I can think is man that washes him out
I work at a shoe store and I use the try on nylons to shine or old tights when I am at home to apply polish, if I am in a hurry. Not sure you dudes would have those lying around but they are great because they are disposable if you are in a rush.
I am a 25 year old women, with a strong interest and passion for men's wear. You could say it is in my blood my family had a mens department store in Denver for 80 years it closed the year I was born. I just moved to the Detroit area after being in Chicago for 2 years. I desperately miss big city life. I currently work at Nordstrom. when I lived in  Chicago I worked at an independent shoe store in wicker park. I sort of fell into shoes I have a background in politics my...
I don't know if this helps because I am a girl. But I did not lose my virginity till I was 24, society makes a really big deal out of romantic love but in reality it is just one kind of relationship. I am 25 now had have never had a boyfriend my choice I like being single. I have a lot of friends and don't care what other people think. But to have a social life you have to make one I will even go to the bar by myself if all my friends are busy.
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