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 Not to be snarky, but it is self explanatory. Selvedge denim dyed a bronze color perhaps?  
Will the wind-breaker be available this Spring?
I would like to see lighter weight chinos. 
Can someone suggest a black belt that does not leave a mark on lighter clothing?
This isnt as difficult as you are making it. I assume you own other pairs of jeans? (1) identify your slimmest pair of jeans. (2) measure them yourself or look up the measurements online. (3) Compare those measurements to Gustin's skinny fit measurements. You should get a reasonable idea of how skinny Gustins jeans are.I recently made a comparison chart of the measurements of every pair of jeans and chinos I own and it was very helpful. Its pretty obvious that Gustins...
The Skinny's are a tad too skinny, IMO. I don't own pair, but I've read the measurements. The Gustin Skinny 32 is skinnier than the Rogue Territory Skinny 31. Just no way they would work for me, and I'm pretty slim. Not extremely slim, but slim enough that you would think I could fit into a skinny jean alright. I would like to see a slim fit with a thinner thigh. If they did that they may not even need a skinny fit. 
Can anyone describe the color of the red chino? From the pics it looks like a highlighter red. But sometimes the colors are off in the pics.
 I'm pretty sure they are the skinny, unless there is something I'm missing.http://unisnewyork.com/collections/gio-skinny/products/gio-skinny And regarding the Khaki color, I think it's great. Regarding the saturation, I would say it's a pale Khaki. Maybe more of a sand. It's not a intense color. It's more of a Spring/Summer color, IMO, if that helps.  I will post new pics after alteration, if anyone is interested by that point.
Just as a point of reference, here is the cut of the Unis Gio's that Mauro compared the new Chinos to.  
I will stick with these because I like how they look with my untucked shirts. But Im thinking of purchasing a second pair in a size up for work and the like.
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