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I like the high armholes, hate hate hate the scoops. IMO it makes their flannels almost unwearable. Its not as bad on the ginghams, since the look is an untucked sports shirt. But flannels are meant to be worn untucked, at least as I see it. I really wish those scoopswould go.
Is it a fair assumption that zip front hoodies are on the horizon?
I wore it on two dates. It went really well with faded A&G jeans and a brown jacket & shoes. It's definitely not officewear, though I have wore the stars shirt to work. I like bold and I like to stand out. Honestly it has limited use if you dont go out much unless you are the type to dress up to go get a coffee like you see in the pics.
 The Indigo Star Jack and the Indigo Cherry Blossom are two bad ass shirts. I own both and have received many compliments. I don't own the pyramid but I'm sure it's more of the same. I would like to see similar styles in different colors. Maybe a black or red.
Im glad sales will be a thing with the past. The regular prices are more than reasonable. The sales are just wasteful.
But wouldnt increased profits offset all that? Otherwise what is the point of growing?
I had to look that up. $700 t shirts made in Portugal (not even Italy). Wow.
Prices are basically standard for a premium American made product. The $250 western shirts are 10 oz., like light jackets. The other stuff is more or less similar to what you would pay for a comparable item from Gitman or Engineered Garments. There are arguably better values out there, if your mindset is utilitarian. With RT you are paying for the fit/style, integrity of the brand, country of origin ect. Which is fine for some people. Im willing to pay more for RT chinos...
Did you get a response to your question? It could just be that Gina had moved on.
I just got the indigo cherry blossom shirt in the mail. Bad ass shirt! I'll reserve final judgment for after it's been through some washes. But I love it thus far. Not for everyone; but I like to stand out. I plan to pair it with a pair it with a pair of slim umber colored jeans I have.
New Posts  All Forums: