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Really hoping the fit on those bad boys works for me. Just a little longer on the arm from last season!
The overdye's were up on the site but now down?
A 33-34 waist is not a thick gut for an adult.
I dont believe the first order has shipped yet.
(long awaited) Red Enzo chinos w/ Grey Nico sneakers. I think I look very European in this pic.              
I dont get popovers. But that washed linen is bad ass.
I wore my red enzos around the office for the first time and they were quite a hit (some didnt get it, but f'em). I had people telling me they had recently travelled to Europe and they are all the rage over there (wich I cant confirm).
 They were a preorder available for only a brief time. I think less than a week. You should have gotten the email. 
Shit, overdye velvet shirts!
Maroon? Sweet. Perfect for Fall!
New Posts  All Forums: