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Hmmm, jeans, sneakers (one athletic pair), T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, a warm jacket (if in the north w/ gloves/scarf ect). Any price point you can afford; Old Navy to Self Edge.   One business suit (navy, grey, or charcoal), white shirt, two basic ties, black leather belt, formal black leather shoes. One pair of tan chinos, casual socks (can be Target brand), casual shoes (such as the Nordstrom 1901, available for $50 on sale). Casual belt (Kohl's is fine). 2 sport...
I'll probably pass on the chinos due to the low rise. I need a medium rise and slim fit, period. A front rise of at least 10.25, preferably 10.5. I'll pay double if I need to since it's worth it in the long run.
 That's odd. I went with my J Crew size, slim large, and had my Gustin shirt taken in (which looks amazing; would be perfect w/o the damn scoops!). I guess JCrew must be pretty snug on you? If my arms were shorter, I would wear the JCrew medium which would fit much snugger. I'm around a 39 inch chest, 30.5 inch waist, 17.5 inch shoulder span. 
So, this poster joined the site just to attack a brand that he has never owned. He claims to own a $500 IH jacket and then uses a pair of N&F jeans as his paradigm example of a killer fade? Please. RohitSing = phony troll. And he most likely has an agenda. 
I just got the 23 oz. slim in 31 and they fit tight. Tighter than the NF skinny guys I got I the same size. Ill see how they fit in the morning. As of now I cant cant close the top 2 buttons, and I have jeans in size 30! Hope they stretch.
 I'm a little over 6 foot, and I have an easy time tucking the large in. I had it taken in on the sides and it looks fantastic tucked. Though I agree that I wish they would fix that scoop, at least on their flannels and workshirts. 
I would love to see a pair of the 12 oz. canvas chinos in Olive. Though I'm waiting for my jeans to arrive to approximate a fit. 
 I'm OK w/ some scoop. In my opinion the Gustin design is too much scoop for a shirt meant to be worn untucked. For a shirt meant to be tucked, it's fine. For a shirt meant to be worn out, a chambray, flannel, work-shirt, ect., I would prefer a more rounded bottom. I've never owned Steve Alan, so I can't comment. I will say the scoop on say, Taylor Stitch, Our Legacy, or Fullcount looks a lot better untucked. Just my opinion.
 I've tried to wear the gingham shirt untucked and it doesn't look right. I'll pass on the chambray because it isn't a shirt I would tuck. Same with the flannels. I hope they switch to a rounded bottom on at least their work wear.
Those flannels look sweet! Just the sort of product I have been waiting years for. They make me excited for fall. 
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