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Is it a little odd that all this linen is coming out in late Summer? I usually only buy linen in Spring. Im looking ahead to Winter now. It seems like some of the pieces did well anyway, but I'd be way more likely to buy in March/April/May.
When will the slim fit button downs come out?
Thats what Im talking about. Ive never got the point of a low rise jean for men anyway. The public doesnt need a glimpse of my underwear or God knows what else.
I feel the same way. IMO a slim-straight cut is more sorely needed than a skinny fit.
I was intrigued by the twill shirts as well as the rocket flannel pattern, but Im still waiting for the slim fit. Hope those come available again soon.
This is undoubtedly a dumb question. But where do you buy corozo buttons? Just curious since Ive never thought of it.
 It's mostly psychological, but then again, that is true of much of what you pay for in expensive clothing-particularly expensive clothing modeled on inexpensive clothing. And the wood buttons mentioned above are the type of detail I would love to own. Plastic even if functional, is flat out boring. 
 My understanding was that this was an EG thread--hence many people visiting as opposed to posting aren't devoted fans of the brand. And discouraging members from sharing their honest opinions of a brand is terrible for this board as a whole. If you don't like the type of clothing EG produces, sure, keep it to yourself. But commenting on quality or comparing EG to competing brands is legitimate useful discussion. I don't care for the look of most the Sugar Cane stuff I've...
He didnt comment about plastic button; I did. And I wound up still buying it and liking it and may buy another but I still wish the buttons were made from some other material. And its a fashion shirt. Few are buying it to do actual work in.There is nothing wrong with being critical or else whats the point of this board. We could just read the press release.
Those 3sixteeen flannels look nice. But if I'm reading the measurements correctly, the extra-large will measure only around 17 inches across the shoulders after a wash. The large would measure only around 16 inches. Am I misinterpreting? That is odd for an American brand. 
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