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Exactly. I dont want a short sleeve shirt August 1st, I want it for a nice day right now, or June at the latest. I would have probably purchased the beach jacket, but I dont need a jacket in July. On the East Coast jackets are rarely necessary July and August. That said if the business model is working, who am I to suggest a change. Im only stating my own preferences as a consumer.
 +100 I LOVE this style. I'd probably take 3 w/ Wolf vs.Goat price & quality and that is not BS.  
 Have you considered buying some buttons online and having your tailor sow them on? It shouldn't cost too much. Mauro probably should have done it already, but being a sole operator he gets distracted with many things and it is what it is. 
 Need T-Shirts!
I will attest that the beanies and sweaters are a sick value.   
code doesnt work.
 You should probably be reading the beginners thread. Most of Gustin's denim is designed to fade and is the least formal type of denim that you can buy. There are lots of threads on professional looking jeans for work. Start with one of those.
Would like to see the heavyweight indigo T shirt available again. I'm pleased w/ the crew neck I ordered for the Fall. I would like to see them offered soon so they are ready for Spring.
He cant post (I assume) because he's not a paid affiliate. You can still email him or read his blog.
No. You see that a lot with Nordstrom and other large retailers that may carry a smaller brand for a short amount of time. I have gotten some great deals when Nordstrom was clearing out a line. Maybe the brand didnt do very well at Nordstrom. Doesnt mean anything.
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