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Will the hoodies ever be back?
I think the look is great, and haven't cared for this brands other outerware offerings. Didnt check out the sizing. I dont need any more jackets right now and by December I will need something much heavier.
I dont know all the prices. The Connery I bought was only $170 w/ the VIP discount and was a great value.
I believe it was the Connery Shawl neck. I got one last season in burgundy and it is awesome. It is already penciled in as my go to sweater for any Christmas events I'm invited to.
The red and black check from last season was awesome. It sold out within hours too if I remember. It's not the most exciting option, but I'd bet basic buffalo checks in several colors would sell very well.
Not including a shoulder measurement is just ridiculous. There is a big difference between 17 inches and 18 inches for some people.
 Couldn't it just be a few people out? Hence why the number dropped? As to why it didn't go up in percentage when you joined, what if say 300 are set to be made? Would the percentage on the meter increase after only 1 person jumped in? I don't see why it matters that much. 
The description of the slim fit is the same as that of the straight. What is the difference? I couldn't find a size chart.
I haven't had a problem with staining. But in my experience the dye still gets on the boots. 
 Then why are you purchasing raw denim? There are lots of brands that make nice jeans that don't crock. The dye will get on your shoes. That is just a fact you need to accept. 
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