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Def more flannels. But hopefully Ill be ordering them in August or September.
I haven't had a problem but I'd be pissed. They should offer an exchange or store credit. Why did you keep wearing them? I would have emailed them as soon as I tried them on. 
I got a shipping confirmation for the polo I ordered. So these aren't a preorder? 
I agree on critiquing the business model. I disagree on critiquing the products themselves. Members are entitled critique the designs even if sample photos, as per forum rules. If other members dont like that they are free to find a different board.
Arguably there are better options for casual trousers than denim. Sneakers make sense with Gustin's line.
I wouldnt beat the crap out of them, I would treat them like dress shoes. I totally agree if they are your skateboarding shoes. Ive never wanted to resole a $200 shoe or a boot. Im not rich, but I generally get enough use out of the item to discard it at that point.
When are the overdye's being offered? And are the cords still a go? I was looking forward to those.
Are the polos dropping today?
You'll be much better off with the grey IMO. Even if it looks decent there is no way it will look better.
 I don't think originality is their thing. They want to produce a model that people already like.I think they would be better if they did even more generic designs, i.e., the CPO and City Jacket. Get rid of those extra pockets (which aren't even visually appealing) and focus on basics.
New Posts  All Forums: