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I suspected as much. There are always 1 or 2 Gitman patterns I really like every year, but I like thick and sturdy for Fall/Winter. I bought a Wings and Horns flannel last Fall and couldnt get into it. I wound up returning.
I meant the Gitman flannels; not the oxfords. I should specified. I think there is some overlap, even though the aesthetic aims are different. Both are fashion items inspired by vintage workwear. I don't think many people buy EG to do physical labor; or even wear hard like they might raw denim or even redwing boots. Maybe some do, but the price point wouldn't be practical for most.
 Thanks for the responses (including those not quoted). I've never tried Gitman, but I've found a lot of negative commentary on the threads I've read. I mean, not mostly negative, but enough to make me hesitate spending $200. I could see Flathead being better, for $100 more dollar. I'll probably still get another EG shirt, same style. I'll look at those others you mention as well. 
I just got the workshirt this weekend (last one, second row, on the PDG's pic). It's badass! Fantastic quality. I'm strongly considering purchasing another. I was considering trying a few more brands, but I don't know if they could top this. Can anyone compare the EG quality/weight to Flathead (the heavyweight) or Gitman Vintage? I'm just curious.
It looks like the sizing is substantially different on the Gentry site as opposed to the Context site.   The Blue Chambray Workshirt size Medium has a shoulder length of 18 inches on the Gentry site as compared to 17 inches on the Context site. The sleeve length is 26 inches on the Gentry site as compared to 24.5 inches on the Context site. This isn't a trivial difference. In my case, it is the difference between being able to wear the shirt and not being able to wear...
You should read the size guide on the websites. The RG stuff fits at least a size larger.
The 23 oz's appear to finally becoming wearable after a few weeks. I still can't button the top button while standing. Only while lying down or seated. Here's hoping for another few centimeters of stretch.
I was expecting MOP, corozo nut, horn, shell, ect. I know its a work shirt, but I doubt many people are buying it to change the oil in.
I was set to try this brand despite the price but I a got a response from a dealer that the heavier work shirts use plastic buttons. $200 + for plastic buttons? Disappointing.
 If I had to do it over I would have gone w/ the 31 straight as opposed to slim.  I may not buy another pair of Gustin denim until they do a mid-rise, tapered leg jean like most of the Japanese brands do (since I won't get to see the straight fit ahead of time).
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