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Will the Chinos be in he next news letter?
Looking forward to seeing the chinos. The jeans sound like a great value, but I don't get to wear jeans very often, 3 days per week at most, and I already have 3 good pair. I get the argument regarding basics, but personally I'm looking for less typical items that I can't find elsewhere, i.e., the rose flannel. I haven't had occasion to wear mine yet and still want similar items. 
I need some help from the board here. I had my Seagrass plaid shirt dry cleaned a few months ago and the collar got all messed up. Like creases. Since then it's been impossible to iron the creases out. And I've tried everything. There seems to be a structural problem. The two pieces of fabric which make up the collar are loose. Basically impossible to iron. And when you try to iron one side the other side gets messed up. Has anyone had this problem with the Seagrass plaid?...
On a related note, it's amazing how fashions from the 70's, 60's, and even 50's are still emulated today; whereas fashion from the 80's and 90's are at best the subject of parody (V-Neck over a White T Shirt < hurl > ).
 I agree. It's the only one among the patters than I will more than likely buy, hopefully w/ the same options as the flannels. That will be some sweet Spring/Summer shirt.
I like the flowers. Im not into animal prints. Are these for shirts?
That looks great. I never know what to expect from Gustin. It would work slightly better paired w/ caramel chinos rather than blue jeans, though that look will work esp. w/ some fades.
Too bad I don't need a new pair of jeans. The two I bought this year are hard to rationalize. I will, however, strongly consider the chino. Most likely in the British Khaki color which I have already googled.
Will the Ties come in a solid grey option? And when will they drop?
I have a pair of the cigar beckmans (the second one). I love them. I frequently get compliments on them. I have two pairs of beckmans (cigar and black) and I may even purchase a third if Nordstrom has a different color on sale this Summer. I have three pairs of Redwings. You can't go wrong with either.
New Posts  All Forums: