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Love the boots. Just a friendly suggestion--I would go with a lower V undershirt, so that its not visible. Otherwise really cool.
When does preordering for the flannels begin?
I would love to see a purple gingham or flannel shirt. Hopefully in a slim fit which is supposed to debut any day now.
Those amunzen shirts look amazing. IMO, they still should have been put on the website, even if they were pre-order for rewards members only. It's a shame not to advertise everything this brand has to offer to reward members. Especially since no similar offerings are currently viewable on the website.
 Black T-Shirt? $10 per package Hanes brand undershirt? 
Is this shirt advertised on the site or is it only solicited to rewards members? If I saw more options looking like that I probably would have joined already.
 I purchased the 23 oz. in size 31, my usual size, and found them way too tight. I wound up selling them and purchasing a pair of Samurai's instead. I suggest sizing up one if the sizing chart is not reliable (and if it is, go with that).
Is it just me, or are there no size dimensions listed for any product? 
Any possibility of the highlands shirts returning for fall?
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