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Every Summer Nordstrom has a few pairs of Redwings available for their anniversary sale. I got a pair of the Beckmans each of the past two years for $200 each. I don't know about the Winter sale.
What do you mean by "too small"? Which areas?
 I agree. It looks like a cheap knock off of the EG bedford jacket. The market will ultimately decide their fate, but I would much rather see a standard two-button, one pocket blazer in a variety of colors and fabrics.
For the future, I would love to see the material used for the camp shirt made into a heavy oxford. 
The tan and olive sold out way too quick in my size. They were gone in the slim fit by the time I got home from work. At least I got a good deal on those new socks!
 Forget it. Left Field Stuff fits true to size. You need two more inches. The selvedge duck doesn't stretch much at all. I have the Kerouac Chinos size 32 and they were a snug fit from day one and it hasn't changed in a year. I take a size 31 in most brands.
I would like to see something similar to the rocket flannel (which I backed). But in a different color scheme. 
 Just my opinion; the reason I can afford an EG flannel or a pair of Samaurai jeans is because I will get heavy use out of that product. A $300 pair of dress slacks would be a foolish indulgence for me; likewise would be a $200 dress or casual shirt requiring regular ironing or professional cleaning. I wouldn't wear my expensive clothes to go hiking. But I would wear them places they may get slightly dirty: a kid's birthday, a crowded show, ect. I don't have any opinion on...
  I'm just curious; if Gustin is beater, or everyday wear, when do you people wear EG? Or is that just a figure of speech? I have an EG flannel I like and it's basically everyday wear. I don't have any special occasion I'm saving it for; and otherwise it would collect dust in my closet. I wouldn't wear it to clean my bathtub in. But I wouldn't wear Gustin for that either. The $80 gingham I have from Gustin is more special occasion wear than the EG flannel I own for 2 1/2...
 It's best to contact them directly. I've done it several times and received a prompt response. 
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