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Jacket looks great! Not a fan of the hat but that's just me.
I returned mine for an exhange. Not sure if the 30's are gone or if you've worn it around.
There were some denim looking linen shirts posted a few months ago. I want to see those made.
Id like to see a true purple. Another hunter green would be nice.
Your feet aren't that disproportionate to your body. I'm 6 ft and a size 12 and I've never given it a thought. Along with the other suggestions, you can wear slightly tapered jeans (no need for boot cut). But go with a regular straight cut or slim straight rather than skinny. Also, go for slim black shoes rather than brown (and especially not White). A slim casual derby style laceup should work.
Im loving my red/black flannel. I hope WG does more for next year in traditional flannel colors. Also, T-shirts dropped way too late in the season last year. Maybe thats unavoidable. But I would prefer to have T-Shirts for April/May rather than August.
You might be surprised. People often don't talk about it. I don't know as much about men. But I know lots of 30+ (white) women who somehow afford houses, apartments, and nice cars, with low paying jobs (like teachers assistant) or no current job at all. Their Dads are always corporate something or other.
Just deal it. Why buy selvedge if you dont want to put up with (initially) uncomfortable clothing?
Are new Flathead shirts expected soon?
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