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I was intrigued by those pants when I saw them last year. Too bad I wasn't a VIP. I would have gotten the shorts, but after seeing them I would go with the pants.
 Yeah same with me. Very nice shirt. It's less casual than my style though. It's still nice to have available. It's livened up w/ rolled up sleeves and paired w/ jeans and flat cap.
When will the polos be released?
Yes. I think. I got a tracking number for something. I assume it's the oxford.
I'll have some new pictures to put up soon. I should be getting my oxford in the mail Friday. I also have to do one w/ the red chinos.
The Arms on the archive jacket seem awful short 33.5 for a Large. Am I misreading the sizing? Or are the arms supposed to be short? 
I agree. Im interested in how many hundreds. Not down to the nickel.
any Idea what the price on the blazers will be? an annoying question I know, but I like to plan and budget.
 I own all three of those brands, and RT is my favorite fit by far. A skinny or slim leg without being tight on the gnads. They are the only North American brand I will purchase going forward.
You will have to be a LOT more specific regarding your dress code at work and your preferences. 
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