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 I may be mistaken, but I think you can buy the slim medium and have a tailor remove the darts. 
Can someone tell me where I can find replacement snaps for the Wool CPO shirt?
This. Ill never buy white underwear.
just got a shipping notification for my light grey shoe preorder? Arent they supposed to be 6-8 weeks?
I dont care for polos but I may still buy one. its the easiest item to wear ato work.
I did. They said it was likely due to a defect during the manufacturing process. They didnt offer to do anything about it but it was quite a while after purchasing. At least they were honest. I think I bought it last Spring, wore it a few times, then left it in my closet for months. It was fine until washed. The problem is that the collar cant be flattened, because the two flaps of fabric are loose--making it look wrinkled all the time. Its still wearable but Im not happy...
I havent had a problem with sizing. But the Seagrass plaid shirt I received had a defective collar. And the defect wasnt apparent until I washed it. Which was months after I got it. Im not too eager to order shirts from them right now.
The odd thing is that I dont think they even helped themselves by copying EG's Baker Jacket and CPO. Ill bet customers would have preferred an ordinary jacket and CPO w/ great materials and construction.
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