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Shit, overdye velvet shirts!
Maroon? Sweet. Perfect for Fall!
Why would anyone put clothes they care about in the dryer? The dryer is for towels, underwear, and gym clothes.
Are the cords still happening?
so this is 2016 summer stuff?
I got a 12. I wear 12 in converse and 12 in Alan Edmond.
I got mine too. I guess no shipping notification went out? Very pleased with them.
Rogue Territory has the best cuts of any denim brand Ive tried (the sk for jeans and the chino cut): a narrow taper w/ enough room up top. I hope for Fall there is a jeans style in a brownish color.
Im very happy with the Gustin Ginghams I own: the royal and plum. The plum is exactly what Ive been looking for for a while. I would like to see even more gingham varieties. Im not big on solid colors either, unless it's in an exceptional fabric.
Is there a way to buy the overdyes?
New Posts  All Forums: