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The description of the slim fit is the same as that of the straight. What is the difference? I couldn't find a size chart.
I haven't had a problem with staining. But in my experience the dye still gets on the boots. 
 Then why are you purchasing raw denim? There are lots of brands that make nice jeans that don't crock. The dye will get on your shoes. That is just a fact you need to accept. 
  In my experience instantaneous. Are you sure you never signed up before? I would send their customer service an email.  
 I had my first pair taken out at the waist and it worked well. For some reason, two places I took my second pair to refused to do the same (including the place that did the first pair). They were Korean so I couldn't really get into details with them. But the husband and wife were fighting about it and the final result was no. I guess the wife had the final say. 
I'm solid on the floral shirt when it come available. I'm generally not into conversation starters. I love a good floral shirt in non-obnoxious pattern. 
Not impressed with the color options for the Yosemite. I would prefer reds, greens, or browns as a base color. Those colors work better with jeans and also match well with khaki. Lighter colors and blues are better for lighter weight IMO. The only one I liked was the blackwatch which I already have. The fabric and construction are still great though.
Exactly. I dont want a short sleeve shirt August 1st, I want it for a nice day right now, or June at the latest. I would have probably purchased the beach jacket, but I dont need a jacket in July. On the East Coast jackets are rarely necessary July and August. That said if the business model is working, who am I to suggest a change. Im only stating my own preferences as a consumer.
 +100 I LOVE this style. I'd probably take 3 w/ Wolf vs.Goat price & quality and that is not BS.  
 Have you considered buying some buttons online and having your tailor sow them on? It shouldn't cost too much. Mauro probably should have done it already, but being a sole operator he gets distracted with many things and it is what it is. 
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