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I really liked the flannel shirt I just got which renewed my interest in this brand. I would buy another if I hadn't spent so much this month already. 
 Oh the SK. Forgot to put that down. I haven't tried the Stanton.
I just got my 14.5 oz. over-dyed from Notre and I love them. The fit is perfect. The reason I buy Rogue territory over other brands are the cuts. The chinos fit perfect on me and now so do the jeans.    I haven't tried any of the shirts yet, but maybe I should if they are cut for a thinner frame.   
 Out of curiosity, why is a unique custom denim preferable to one of the Japanese mills? Is one better than the other?   
I got my rocket flannel in large slim fit. Looks great. fuzzier material than I was expecting but that's fine. I would have bought two flannels if I knew what I was getting. Note the slim fit is slim. This isn't the j crew slim fit. It's not the most comfortable shirt, but that's what I wanted. It's like a size medium but with longer arms.
I didn't receive notification or get billed and I'm not international. 
Has anyone yet gotten a shipping confirmation regarding the pre-orders Flannels? 
How do the thermals look w/ a collar shirt underneath? Is the neck line too high?
I managed to snag the indigo dye SK at Notre during the hour or so that it was available today. It disappeared literally minutes after I ordered. I don't need another pair of jeans but 1/3 off was too good to pass up. 
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