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 I felt the same about the pant length, although my tailor was insisting that this was the correct "look" for dress slippers. My pants are however receiving further adjustments right now I'm tempted to bring them down slightly too. The matching red velvet blazer is $3000, Giorgio Armani. I'm not going to pay that much so unless I find a cheaper alternative I might have to settle on black to avoid risking any clashing between the shoes and a non-matching red blazer.
I'm looking on advice to complete this outfit (ignore the shirt) I have the pants and shoes. It's for a evening christmas party.     Option 1:  Matching red velvet blazer Black shirt black velvet bow tie   Option 2: Black velvet jacket White tux style shirt/plain white shirt Black velvet bow tie   Or your suggestions.   Thanks, much appreciated. 
It comes in satin or lurex (whatever that is...) I'm thinking of wearing it with a black suit jacket.
Did you mean to say slippers don't go with evening dress? There are no hosts, it's my company
How about a light blue shirt?
Thoughts anyone?
Hi   I'm putting together an outfit for a christmas dinner party. The dress code is not strict, so people tend to have a bit of fun. This year I want these dress slippers to be the focal point of my outfit.     These are black velvet slippers, but they come in burgundy w/ black tassels and navy with red tassels too, so those are always options.   If I get the black and red, I plan on wearing them with solid red socks and a black suit.   I need help working out...
3rd square works better than 2nd I think?   Polkadot blends the best but they both convey different feels: Polkadot - new age monocle wearer Patterns - Regency classic
I think the colours are summery, so maybe not great to wear in winter. I think you could wear either to some kind of boat party, I don't know if any happen on lake Ontario?
As far as pocket square goes I think you're safe to try something with a bit of colour and pattern, maybe gold/ burnt orange?   One thing that is important, do you have matching belts for your shoes? Also I think gold buckle would be preferable to match your custom button.
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