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All depends on what you want to spend. These guys just did one hell of exhausted review on OCBDs
Putting the suspenders over the epauletes might be uncomfortable while putting them through would make life difficult going to the can. To be perfectly honest, epauletes are generally for military inspired or more casual wear, and that normally goes better with belts; i do not think that the shirts were meant for suspenders. I say wear the shirt with belted pants and avoid the predicament.
You can match them with most solid shirts and suits. For example: navy suits and white shirts are fine, as will charcoal grey and light blue shirts. Striped suits would probably work if the stripes if the stripes are spaces far enough apart. With such busy patterned ties, just shy away from busy patterns in anything else (including pocket squares) and you should be fine.
can you return it?
Depending on the season, I would look for a linen unstructured sport coat, quarter lined (if this is for spring/summer/early fall) or something in cotton. I get this from what you would want to pair it. Check out Gant (, brooks brothers (,default,pd.html?dwvar_MM00195_Color=LTBR&contentpos=4&cgid=0217...
Whenever you put on an odd jacket, you want the pants to contrast the jacket enough that the two do not look like the person tried to make a suit out of two odd pieces. So light or, better yet, a medium (mid) grey would be a better option. (   I am a little confused as to your question in the greater context. If you are going to a wedding, wouldn't more formal attire be in order like say a suit, perhaps navy blue or charcoal, especially...
Look into allen edmonds as very decent, readily available, low cost option (there are a few more low cost, decent quality shoes like loake and meermin but look into edmonds for your first foray into the shoe game). Browse the allen edmonds site and see what catches your eye. For semi casual shoes, bluchers (aka derby's) work as do monk straps; wingtips and brogues are good styles as well as Norwegian toes.  Try to stick to the darker shades of brown. There is a lot of...
This looks to me like it is a simple worsted wool (, perhaps a sharkskin (, with the color just called mid grey. Just FYI, most suits are made from wool and most of them are worsteds. Here is a good start for fabric decoding:
Check out brooks brothers,default,sc.html?lid=topnav-menu No pleats please
Spring and summer only for the lobster belt. Same with the nantucket red pants.
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