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What's the story on the Materna?
AFPOS still sell those bone paper creasers for shoe care
 Still getting used to walking in them
Too much daintiness going on here. Dinkelacker Rio triple soles
+1; I use the 2 window method. Haven't found a way to do it from the mobile site tho
Yeah, its personal frustration.I don't sell much at all so when I had to get rid of a couple of things I hoped they'd shift; no one likes their mistakes hanging around.My experience of buying has been pretty good and I agree that the sellers I've dealt with have all been great.
Dunno if there's a consensus. I stopped using it as a conditioner (switched to lexol) cos I felt it was drying the vamps out on my museum calf shoes. I now only use it very occasionally to revitalise the shine on the toes. Still, some people swear by the stuff
New Posts  All Forums: