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VR, you killed guyfromhungary!
Fantastic shoes!
No punching. I believe it comes from shoemakers having to use less leather during wartime shortage
Yeah, I'll go with that! $25 reduction for mentioning the thread
Let's see a straight down shot from further out but I don't think it looks that bad
Think that might be parallax error
I'll be 20% Vat + £13 admin. Robbing cnuts!
Un-fecking-believable! Linjer posted my bag on the 15th, it arrived in the UK 2 days later, Customs FINALLY released it today! 10 days? Mental! Now I have to wait for the bill and pay it before they'll deliver! I hate the royal mail!
Hahaaa! No @coloRLOw the price is correct!
Up for grabs is a stunning Brioni pure cashmere sport coat. Full canvas, fully lined in cupro. Double vented, 2 button. Sleeves have bottom 2 buttons functional. Base colour is light tan with a grey/brown check and an orange overcheck. All basting intact. Inner Brioni tag has been removed. Measurements in inches: P2P 22 unstretched. Shoulders straight across back, 19.5. Length from BOC, 30.5. Sleeve, 25. Waist at top button, 20.5. Additional pictures on request. Price...
New Posts  All Forums: