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Do you feel you should stop adding weight every session once the lifts get close to your limits then? I started mixing things up a little by doing lighter sessions in a higher rep range in between the heavy ones but I know I should prolly have left 5x5 a wee while ago
How bout the Redwings posted up-thread? My Beckmans are nigh on indestructible even without steel toes. I believe steel toed wings are cheaper too
Dat Barenia!
Beautiful shoes! Good choice
Wolverson fitness.Here's the link:http://www.wolverson-fitness.co.uk/BLACK-BISON-PLATES-25KG-OFFER_A1NH85.aspx?nh=314516
Yep, that's a lot of extra distance to pull. 100kg of new bumpers just arrived. £1.60 per kg, great deal!
What weight class you in?
Thanks gents!
Boot guys. One of the speed hooks on my Vass boots is gonna break. Has anyone had hooks replaced with eyelets by a cobbler/did it themselves?
Kilos?! 😱
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