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Pmd you
Haha! I thought he might but the additional duties would take the price to over a grand and I'd have to gamble on sizing.My mate's stag is later this year; I'm pushing for Buda for the venue.
I know, Ed. Unfortunately I dont live in the states!
You kop? Good lad!
New player. Oxblood (shell available?) Alt Wien Budapest last size 42. Double sole, steel tipped, 360 goyser. 3 piece trees.
Damn, too small! Good luck with the sale
Why no double black jawnz for fat people?
Mmmmm! Budapest last Alt Wien in oxblood with 360 goyser is calling my name
Hey If we end up there at the same time we can have the worlds smallest SF meet up! Pay for the trip by proxying shooz!
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