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No fit you Betel your an 8.5uk, right?
Will there be a cognac option for the messenger and satchel? Also, maybe a leather strap option for the messenger?
Are these navy?
Wurger's look like the same leather as mine; it's not Ilcea, which I think has more pronounced mottling. AFAIK Vass are going back to Ilcea for their museum
New peter and F should be very similar in size. Unless you want the oxblood alt Englisch, then they're miles apart
Total's out by 5, guys. See post 980. Correct count is 78835. (Unless Planetarium did 145 and put 140 by mistake)
Would never have pegged that as P2! The height of the toe looks almost buda-ish. Nice boots tho!
Damn! Was gonna snag that tie til I noticed he doesn't ship internationally
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