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Too much pain on top to bring that to the UK
^Very jelly^
Great catch!
Someone English who'll only ship to the UK and requires 50+ feedback before you can bid!? Ties are short too; @55"
Thanks for the advice, Jet. Not sure how much help several sets of one partial will be but I'm still trying.
Me too
Oh shiz be ON naow!!
Did you both just break your kids' scooters? Murl; that's a bit actiony, how's the knee? Btw; this entry wins
Inorite!? Fcks sake, Bobby Peru and Bob in the one week!?
Here are a few of my favourite things!   Wasn't sure whether it was to be things slept on in general or by me!   Was nice to get 2 Scottish things in my list too  #1: Totally impractical for where I live probably but beautiful nonetheless   #2: Stunning loafers that I've been sleeping on since last year!! Now out of stock in my size :(   #3: Think this is the only G.I. popover that has been relatively slept on. 40% off would bring it into range!     #4:...
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