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Velva-Sheen or Gustin. Both fit pretty well, bit longer than the usual and good quality
Not one of those horrible honour killings I hope. Aren't you in London?
Do you feel you should stop adding weight every session once the lifts get close to your limits then? I started mixing things up a little by doing lighter sessions in a higher rep range in between the heavy ones but I know I should prolly have left 5x5 a wee while ago
How bout the Redwings posted up-thread? My Beckmans are nigh on indestructible even without steel toes. I believe steel toed wings are cheaper too
Dat Barenia!
Beautiful shoes! Good choice
Wolverson fitness.Here's the link:http://www.wolverson-fitness.co.uk/BLACK-BISON-PLATES-25KG-OFFER_A1NH85.aspx?nh=314516
Yep, that's a lot of extra distance to pull. 100kg of new bumpers just arrived. £1.60 per kg, great deal!
What weight class you in?
Thanks gents!
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