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I think the Vibergs are great and if I was going to splurge that kinda dough on a work-style boot they'd be high on the list of considerations
Shit, I'd just buy a pair of Iron Rangers!
Just checked these out online. Hand lasted and welted. The work round last is ugly as sin but the narrow looks great. They're pretty high end price-wise too; about 1000US!
Happy Anniversary Dawn and Charlie! The Cuillin looks amazing in that pic!
You're gonna need some bigger stretch goals!
I think Ilcea do two different shades tho.I believe one is called new gold no.7
Yes gents they are both gold museum. You can specify which shade you prefer but I don't know the different names
You're very welcome. Did you go for the light or dark gold?
Look for my last few pics in this thread. Pretty sure I posted a side by side of the 2 different shades. I'll see if I can find it.Edit: found it!
Didn't mention them as I'm considering them a bit expensive for something like a briefcase. GlenKaren would be awesome but I think Saphir's a bit overrated
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