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Fashion, etc lol! Talking of sitting for long periods, just did 4x12 hour shifts with this busted coccyx in what was already the most uncomfortable chair in the fucking world! Feels like something is grinding in there now. I'm not a happy bunny!
Shrink legs, dafuq you talkin bout du!?
Skinny bishes
Isn't it just called the soft chisel?
Of malnutrition?
Those scarves are beautiful
If there's a flap ripped in the leather you can stick it down then polish over it. If it's just a nick then polish it and call it patina. These things happen!
Well I'm basing my advice on UK 8 in Rain cripples me. 42.5 in F fits very well if maybe a little binding on the little toe. I think 41.5 is a big gamble but only my opinion
Great boots!
I'd say 42
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