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Thanks man! Looking forward to it.
Jings, @RogerP! They're belters!
Also, the trees only come in full sizes so don't bother with 3 piece of you're a half size
Dunno about a re-welt repair, that insole looks brand new
Well I do compounds and extras. (Sheiko) So for instance, bench, squats, bench, flat db flyes, good mornings. Multiple sets with increased weight and decreased reps. Dunno if this is what you mean tho
Snagged @SuitedDx's suit in an awesome deal!
Did you previously buy direct from Vass? If so, that's your best bet. If not, go thru @Notch or Ascot for MTO or you could go with NMWA
Excellent! Glad to hear it
Fashion, etc lol! Talking of sitting for long periods, just did 4x12 hour shifts with this busted coccyx in what was already the most uncomfortable chair in the fucking world! Feels like something is grinding in there now. I'm not a happy bunny!
New Posts  All Forums: