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Yeah I based it on measurements. Must've dropped some timber
Yeah I bid on those. Fwiw I got a couple pairs of 38 and they're quite big hence bidding on the 36
FCK me! My snipe update for the T&A didn't go thru and I lost by 16c Won that crazy green POW tho
Oh I know. And when you rotate them with other lovely belts they last even longer! I don't have sons to hand these things down to!!
Interest noted
I may have to ultimately unsub from this thread due to the beautiful things that I want so bad but can't afford!
Got my OB's yesterday and have to agree with all that's been said before; these things are the mutt's nuts! Shine taken off a little by the $80 customs fees but whatchagonnado? Cheers Spoo!!
Those are great @Ironist What size are they? You know.... Just in case
Wow! So you have!
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