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Any hole's a goal!
You've got mail!
Waited all this time and now I cant decide on colour for my wallet!
You looked like you had that all the way 'til, like you said, you lost pressure too early. You comfortable with your feet that far back?
The shoe market is fucked! The glut of Vass has brought the price way down while EG and G&G are silly money
Ha! Howdafuq is that embarrassing, @Eason?
63363+12 = 63375
Whoa @canstyleace! Machine! I seem to be one step forward and 2 back managed 4 in a row last week but the weather has turned really muggy and I feel totally drained! Back to struggling to pull a double. Weird cos my lifts have all continued to improve. Watching @sepp's numbers climb so fast is bumming me out
Awesome stuff guys! Re' my earlier post; my high boots are 6.75" from the top of the heel stack. They're 8 lacers so a 9 lace would be around 8" I guess
If no one beats me to it, I'll post the measurements of mine tomorrow but I suspect it's about 8" on the left pair
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