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I might double down and try to see out November too. Lots of nice shooz calling to me tho
Aaaargh! Stop it! 9 days of NPC to go and I think they still have the navy chukkas in my size but nothing else
For a Theresianer I think I'd go P2. Alt Wien or budapester; 3636
So... Too close to black then? Shame; they're amazing shoes for the money
Booze; YAY! The rest; BOOO!!You're all WEAK!!
There's not much choice; new buyers can't go direct any more
NMWA's return policy is also great if you're not sure of your size
But not black though? I have my eye on them but have to wait for the NPC to end and have no need for another black Oxford
Try @Notch or order from No man walks alone
IME it fits a half size big.@RogerP Just do it
New Posts  All Forums: