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But not black though? I have my eye on them but have to wait for the NPC to end and have no need for another black Oxford
Try @Notch or order from No man walks alone
IME it fits a half size big.@RogerP Just do it
@edmorel, are the Budays on 39 last?
I had a similar problem with U last. Mine have broken in now to the point where they're pain free. It took 4-5 wears tho and they're cap toes so DW's point re wingtips is a consideration for you
We don't wear the same size. May I ask why you didn't go for them?
Only 13 days to go, I might get lucky
Ridiculous deal but must stay strong!!!
Right here. http://www.riderbootshop.com/categories/Rider-Boot-Co./?sort=featured&page=1
Watching all the Rider chuckas at 70% off in my size disappearing is testing my resolve but I must resist
New Posts  All Forums: