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Yeah, that'd be far too easy to reach financial ruination
Fantastic, Jesper! I like the frankenstitch
Transferwise for me! Paid a little extra for instant transfer instead of up to 7 days for best matched rate. Still way less than using the bank. Here's an invite code if you wanna try them http://transferwise.com/u/0c781 You'll get your first transfer free. Full disclosure: For every 3 people who use the code I get £50 intro credit
You shifted that last pair of tassels, JR? Any more uk8.5s come your way pm me. Edward Green Ashby in 8.5/9 for under 6 bills http://www.styleforum.net/t/409719/drop-nib-edward-green-ashby-in-8-5-9-firsts
Happy anniversary Dawn and Charlie!
No international shipping I is teh sad. Anyone picks up a spare 9d in these gimme a pm? Thx
Do shoebank ship internationally? If not, any proxies?
Count correction: Last correct count was planetarium at 69226. +100 +67=69393
^^Now those, I need!^^
Aahahahaaaah! That's mean! Edit; means they're too small for me
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