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Double Meermin flanking cigar Beckmans. 2x Vass arriving next week!
Of course! Its only my opinion. It is nice as it is tho
I mean the inner spine shouldn't be raw like that. Maybe pigskin lined?
Billfold or vertical in cognac, tho I agree about the vertical being better if the inside was finished
You've got mail!
Go with your F last size. If you're sizing up for width, I'd go 42.5f
Aaaagh! Trypophobia alert!
Hmmm, I went up a half size to accommodate my toes in U last and the fit was horrible!
Concur on the sizing.Rezso can take a couple of days to get back to you.Coxy, Ascot shoes has some really good deals atm
Think you waited longer for them than you owned them!
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