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@Dandy Wonka http://m.houseoffraser.co.uk/Pricing+Availability/PricingandAvailability,default,pg.html Found the above in their T&Cs. First paragraph states if outside EEC vat isn't charged
Boooo, too wee! Thanks man
P2P 21"!?! Really?
Surprised by this as they're not exactly a small operation; the Glasgow store is huge as is the Edinburgh one. They occupy probably some of the most expensive real estate in these cities. They are a notorious rip-off tho
Al, looks like Budapest last to me. Great shooz!
Yeah, I'm not feeling the zip front. Their base is about 15 miles from my house but you can't buy from them
There's a 3a on fleabay in 44 but its 400 bucks!!
What size are you?
Those budapesters are the nuts, Tomcat! Is that 3636 burgundy shell?
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