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Good choice!
Depends on how you're wearing them; goyser ups the casual level imo
That would need to be panoramic!
About half an inch I think
You might be able to size down half from F in both P2 or 3636. Both these lasts have lower instep in any case
First day back at it in a month. Weights all pretty pathetic; back to where I was about 4 months ago. Need to beast it!
Spoiled them with the speed hooks Roger! Beautiful boots
Stunning boots Roger! Glws
Beautiful Canali suit for sale. Bought for myself but unfortunately got my sizes wrong. (Too long ) All basting intact and unfinished sleeves with buttons included Price inludes shipping in EU. Worldwide at 50% of cost. Measurements in inches: P2P 22.5 S2S 19 Sleeve 26.75 unfinished. BOC 32.5. Trousers: Waist 18.75 with 2" to let out. Rise 11.75 Inseam 38.5 unfinished. Thanks for looking
New Posts  All Forums: