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Looking at these I'm becoming ever more certain that my supposedly P2 gold museums are actually on F last! http://www.styleforum.net/t/130044/the-ultimate-vass-porn-thread/9833#post_6951493 Thoughts?
That's cos the Daily Mail is only good for chip wrappers. Hateful rag!(Congrats tho Spoo! )
Long time since I watched that. Need to check it out again
Crazy deal!! @solesaver I find they're pretty tts
Those look fantastic Frank! Ed, how does Frakno fit compared to bp39. I love buday shell, I've been wearing the hell out of mine and they just come straight back with a few minutes brushing. Also, the soles handle ice pretty well! Wet wooden floors, not so much!!
No, its a suede alt Wien on the Budapest last. Not sure if suede suits that shape
Need to get me some F last. What's the thoughts on a suede Buda last? Ascot has one at a pretty good price
Nice! Shell? What last?
Plus plenty!
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