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Try this idea. Let the opening below your face determine the knot. Use a knot that fills the opening. For example, FIH for point collored shirts, Half W for spread collored shirts, Full W for spread collors wider that 4 inches. Also consider the lining in the tie. That needs to be factored in. For BD shirts, I like using a Half W. The knot is larger than the opening and the soft collor bevels out to accomodate. Only soft collors can do this style point.
If Wal-Mart is cutting prices everyday, why is nothing free yet?
Try a men's facial cleaner, like witch-hazel based stuff sold in men's fragrances. Dap a little with a cotton ball. Usually takes out small spots. If not, end game.
Quote: Nonsense... Most of wht I carry in the RTW caters to these sizes. And while I dont have yet many styles in 34S and 36S next season will be different. These are the suits that A Harris rated in this thread.;t=4845 Shirts, sweaters etc. are already available in the small sizes. Stop complaining.  Start Shopping... EDIT:  Clod...Wrong thread... Also The suit that DietCookie is wearing in the Reveal yourself thread...
Quote: Jon. And what about 32" as the shortest sleeve length?.[/quote] Humm, most retailers stock that sleeve length. Also, the 14.5 in dress shirts. But not enough are sold to enable them to inverntory more that a few.
Quote: "To reduce anti-fat prejudice, we have to tell people how much the problem is due to genetics and physiology and how it has less to do with willpower," Coming from a diebetic, it has everything to do with willpower and knowledge.  Somepeople still really think they can eat lots of something the says "Non-Fat" Dude, look at the calories.
Quote: Grey or Charcoal. Ditto
Take one, sure. I serve dozens of tourists a day this time of year and that tie would be an ice breaker. Anything that helps, I'm for it. I can see it now, customer couple walking in my direction with KANSAS JAWHAWK sweatshirts, asking me where I got the tie. Could be fun stuff.
Quote: If they are cut correctly, reverse pleats will stay closed and the fronts will lie flat.  That "panel" that runs between the two inner pleats (encompassing the fly) should be flat and smooth to have the full slimming effect.  It is arguable harder to cut forward pleats so that they stay closed, and they certainly look worse when they gape open.  But I think in  a lot of cases the problem is simply that the trousers were cut with too low of a rise....
Quote: As to what looks best on whom, herewith my personal opinions: Four inward facing pleats (two on each side; often called "English pleats") look best on high rise (waist or above) trousers worn with suspenders.  These flatter the tall and thin especially.  They tend to made by (you guessed it) the English, and RTW makers trying to ape Savile Row style. Four outward facing pleats ("reverse pleats") look better on lower-rise belt trousers.  They are more...
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