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I was going to give the pea coat to my father, but it's too small, he can't even button it, so it has go, it's a shame. But I'm having a lot of trouble finding a 10 button wwII era size 38 in good condition. I was thinking to pull the trigger on a Buzz Rickson, anybody knows how they size? I don't want to make a mistake with such an expensive coat, the perfect size for me should be like about 21" p2p. Thank you.
You are right, 8 buttons showing and collar strap.
Here are pics of the two tags, the paper on the pocket tag is from the dry cleaning.    
It's a vintage US Navy peacoat, in excellent condition, still have the size tag in the collar in perfect shape, two buttons a little with loose is the only issue it have.  I don't know in inches, but I'm 1,83 cm and weight 77 kg
Thank you for the answer, but after after trying a few times more I don't fell comfortable with the way it fits me, specially in the shoulders and chest that I feel too wide. But since it's a very nice coat almost brand new, I'm going to give it to my father seems to be his size and maybe I can get it back after the years. Now I'm in the searching again for a 38. 
Hi! New guy here! I just recieved this wwII peacoat this week, and I don't know if keep it or sell it. My chest measures 41" and I buy a size 40 (still have the tag on the collar), but it's not as trim as I expected and the sleeves are a little short, so if I downsize they will look ridiculous. What do you think?   
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