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maybe if you walk on your toes all day
so update?
All depends on your workplace. Eg my boss comes to work in kmart jeans and a hoodie and no one gives a shit.Thats the kind of outfit im looking to wear with my moto
looks like an interesting jacket
Looks like Pique. Commonly found on polo shirts
went and saw the lion king stage show after riverfire last night. the costumes props and everything were amazing. Definitely recommend anyone in Brisbane to go.
Leather jacket Field jacket Cardigan Peacoat/ duffel coat
House prices won't stop rising for a while. People are still willing to take out huge loans to buy houses and foreign investors are always around in decent suburbs looking at houses for sale. We all know the dollar is going down eventually so I'd look to invest in something secure in the coming years though instead of my aussie dollar rotting away in the bank It's not like the dollar dropped that much, so wasn't huge loss. Unless Coxie is a well performing fund manager or...
ebay has 15% off everything max of $100 discount until mdinight monday. Celebrate15   we are 87c to usd on paypal :(   grabbed this motorcycle jacket    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RS-Taichi-GMX-Motion-Vented-Leather-Jacket-Black-White-Large-52-RSJ8259901L-/131286154463?pt=Apparel_Merchandise&hash=item1e9143bcdf&_uhb=1  
I also spent a year or 2 on no shampoo and conditioner until I used hair product again. To help clean your hair, use apple cider vinegar and some baking soda. Over time you generate less dandruff, less oil and your hair is stronger. if you do go no shampoo you need to cut out wax, pomade etc. Another benefit of no shampoo is it increases your testosterone by 80%
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