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 But women cant consent when drunk!
First pic"Hey nice shoes bro!""You too. Lookin sprezz brah!" second pic"we're all wearing  the same shoes lololol"
GQ has their shopping night tonight. Discounts on MJB, R&B, Herringbone if anyone is interested   http://www.gq.com.au/gq+online+shopping+night/retailers
Its been almost 2 years. Should update some measurements
Pretty poor form honestly
Bought a uniqlox undercover fishtail parka of grailed. It fits well but tight in the shoulders and a bit in the arms. I am only able to layer a sweater underneath. Should I sell or keep? http://m.imgur.com/QJsVkLT
Anyone know anything about the quality of arthur galan? Found this bomber discounted at myer http://online.arthurgalan.com.au/new-arrivals/keegan-ribbed-bomber-jacket/
[[SPOILER]] Ill take it
Is there anything being made or has he gone awol again
What color is toffee tan lamb again? Haven'tlooked into it in years
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