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If I recall, someone was looking at sneakers not too long ago. Ebay has $30 off when you spend $100 at certain fashion stores including Glue, which has some decent sneakers 
The word file sounds awesome. Walked around Meji jingu and Yoyogi park this morning. Felt very peaceful stepping away from the hustle of the neighbouring areas.Spent my arvo and night exploring Daikanyama and Naka-Meguro which is 1 stop away from Shibuya. Very hipster/ artsy and lots of rich people. It would be like West end in Brisbane but so much better. There were stores specialising in Japanese indigo dyed clothing and heaps of expensive boutique stores. There was a...
Thanks for the recommendation. I'll see if I can get there before I leave Tokyo
I remember Joel Robuchon was mentioned on here a couple years ago so I looked into Joel Robuchon in Ebisu but I couldn't go because of the dress code. Looks like Roppongi is more casual. I'll see if I can book it for lunch tomorrow or Monday.I plan on hitting up Yoyogi/Meji shrine tomorrow. Hopefully it's as interesting as friends say.
Was an hour line at 11 this morning but the ramen was amazing. Probably the best pork I've had. So soft and so much flavour.There was also a cool owl cafe on the 6th floor of the same building.
Didn't end up going there yesterday, I'll probably make another trip over there since I'm here for a while. Still need to go to a owl or maid cafeI leave on the 20th to Hakone, I'll make the trip over there before I leaveThanks for the recommendations guys
Having ramen in Harajuku and I'm pretty sure the Drakes Diary guy walked past
Considering styles from the 90s are pretty trendy these days, he's probably getting ready for the 00's to be cool again.
Those ones that are cut like pringles are amazing
instead of Alden you can find Aldo here
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