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Damn I must be at 49 or 50 as well then. Feels like only couple months ago. Time flies as you get older
14-16oz is pretty average
for starters   -have a decent picture -list your experience and achievements in bullet points for easy reading -join a bunch of groups you are interested in
and it was with crazy ex bf
date ideas that dont involve buying dinner for someone you just met.  -ice skating -planetarium -walk in the park -depending on age and location, one of those trampoline places
so how longs the delay?
for demin, check out http://www.denimio.com/. its a japanese store that sells japanese denim at a pretty low price. free shipping and great customer service
Saw 50+ posts over the space of couple hrs. Thought we got sn update but it's just the usual shit
just passed the learners course, will be joining the motorcycle crew shortly :)
Whats the addy of the pop up store?
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