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or perhaps tape it to the box so cutting the box anywhere will cut the jacket
Even though my first order is from the end of October. I hope my jacket is in tomorrows supposed shipment
that feel when you bought more than 1 jacket and have received 0.
looks like the jokes on me. payed with paypal bank account
there were pics of full leathers 3 weeks ago and have yet to see anything sent
pic of you when you get your first one.
What does this update even mean?
looks like sunspel are opening up shop in melbourne.   http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/executive-style/style/british-tshirt-pioneer-sunspel-opens-first-australian-store-20141130-11xg28.html
Yeah I would give up too. especially since there has been no indication jackets are going out this month. Is it even possible to get our money back at this stage? Has 365 jackets even came out since a year ago?
Does no pics of jackets from Drew mean no jackets are coming out? Thought wallet/jacket production wad separate
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