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the goosebumps series was nice
Claghorn will be hard to beat
Unless you have an abnormally short torso, 46 would be pretty short imo
Lack of pics in the last couple of pages. Heres wiwt
Well, its not like you are a brony or anything
So David Jones just got sold to south Africa's woolworths. (Not related to Australia's woolworths)
my 2nd hand navy/cream toj0 AE just arrived!   pretty much new condition, bit of pilling here and there. somehow it was on the marketplace for over a month, usually size 46 toj0's are hot property and are gone within days.   tried it on and unfortunately it was a bit small except for the sleeve lengths. i can feel the tension in the shoulders as im typing this. tested it with a hoodie on and it looked like the seems on the leather was about to burst.   no pics the...
You can also look at country road. I have one from there and I think someone else fron here has one as well
those herringbone scarves look pretty damn awesome.just let it hang around your neck. ezpz
 it looks quite nice and was pretty soft. i didnt have a look at the materials sorry   having removable lining in the jacket is a lot different than a little strip at the front that looks like its just for show
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