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I agree he does like to have the sleeves a tad long. Same with trousers.Ive been there enough times to get discounts which is pretty awesomeI think we need a toj intervention.whats the sizing of the cps like. My feet are a bit wide and I find sneakers ive worn to be very tight even if I size up
Was reading the brisbane times and noticed theres an article by thebrownman!
Ordered in oct. Been over a year for me
The Grosvenor on George st in brisbane is also a good place to go
the goosebumps series was nice
Claghorn will be hard to beat
Unless you have an abnormally short torso, 46 would be pretty short imo
Lack of pics in the last couple of pages. Heres wiwt
Well, its not like you are a brony or anything
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