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House prices won't stop rising for a while. People are still willing to take out huge loans to buy houses and foreign investors are always around in decent suburbs looking at houses for sale. We all know the dollar is going down eventually so I'd look to invest in something secure in the coming years though instead of my aussie dollar rotting away in the bank It's not like the dollar dropped that much, so wasn't huge loss. Unless Coxie is a well performing fund manager or...
ebay has 15% off everything max of $100 discount until mdinight monday. Celebrate15   we are 87c to usd on paypal :(   grabbed this motorcycle jacket    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RS-Taichi-GMX-Motion-Vented-Leather-Jacket-Black-White-Large-52-RSJ8259901L-/131286154463?pt=Apparel_Merchandise&hash=item1e9143bcdf&_uhb=1  
I also spent a year or 2 on no shampoo and conditioner until I used hair product again. To help clean your hair, use apple cider vinegar and some baking soda. Over time you generate less dandruff, less oil and your hair is stronger. if you do go no shampoo you need to cut out wax, pomade etc. Another benefit of no shampoo is it increases your testosterone by 80%
In stores the helmets that fit best were the shark vision r and the arai vector 2 which is $600. Unfortunately $400 is the cheapest I could find for the vision r in Australia. Everyone says the rs taichi jacket is amazing which made me decided it. Ill try find something with same level of protection. Ill have a look at those pants when I get home. Cheers.
List of gear I intend to get. I can probably go for a cheaper jacket but this one has CE back, chest, shoulders and elbow protection which hardly any other jackets have. helmet $400 shark vision r boots $225 xpd 5 gloves $140 dainese carbon cover st jacket $600 rs taichi gmx motion pants $250 draggin jeans slix + knee armour +shipping and exchange rate for the boots and gloves, it will come to around $1650aud. Seems more expensive than the norm for a beginner but without...
Ralph Lauren in TST is also a popular place amongst aussie members. I think its on one of the corners of the peninsula hotel. If you are into watches you may want to check out the area in TST in front of the giant Zegna advertising and beside the Peninsula hotel. A lange and sohne, patek philippe, audemars piguet etc are all there. 
Think I might change my lamb moto to a goat one
Damn I must be at 49 or 50 as well then. Feels like only couple months ago. Time flies as you get older
14-16oz is pretty average
for starters   -have a decent picture -list your experience and achievements in bullet points for easy reading -join a bunch of groups you are interested in
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