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Anyone know anything about the quality of arthur galan? Found this bomber discounted at myer http://online.arthurgalan.com.au/new-arrivals/keegan-ribbed-bomber-jacket/
Picked up my weekender on Friday.    
[[SPOILER]] Ill take it
Is there anything being made or has he gone awol again
What color is toffee tan lamb again? Haven'tlooked into it in years
http://www.spacecasegrinders.com/space-case-grinder-titanium-4-piece-large-magnetic/ Something like this?
you're supposed to wrap it around your head
Currently using an old duffle bag my parents got me when I started working. Need a new one though, the fake leather has peeled. Thinking of a filson but the exchange rate doesn't make the bag worth the while.
looks like drew skipped a couple of us on the list 
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