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Regents tailors lvl 3 above Vodafone in queen st mall.
The other pair is a dark brown oxford. I do find the double monks to be wider than both my oxfords.The pain and the creasing are fine on my other pairs. Its just these ones that im having issues with.
the V is not that big is it? I think it was just a bad angle and untied laces
I wasn't going to complain but my shoes are starting to pinch my big toe knucle making it painful to walk. What is up with the creasing of my shoes? I have 2 other pairs dark brown oxford and dark brown dub monk. same hiro last and same size, the brown oxfords are fine, dub monks have ugly creasing as well but nothing like this.
im not mad. just disappointed. 
Oct moto. End of the year Dec qdr. Unknown
Soooo hoooott in brisbane today. Way too hot for a jacket
plenty of time to decide
maybe if you walk on your toes all day
so update?
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