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And qdrs are even less popular. We will probably get shafted to the end of the line
Thanks for the replies. Looks like meermin is still a bit hit and miss but isn't too bad
Went into myer today to look at womens Sperry topsiders. Jesus, took at least 10mins to get some customer service and the price was outrageous. $180 for flats that are $50 on the net.
It is approaching the end of the month so jackets "should" be sent soon
hows meermins qc these days? when i bought mine almost 2 years ago they were pretty dodgey
Is there going to be an update for this month?
and not in the same location
how about one fifty lashes?
my manager (el1) wears jeans runners and a hoodie everyday. Some people dress better than others but no one really cares.Maybe you should try a pocket square PR and see what happens. Might not be as bad as you think.
o lordy lord
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