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You snapping photos of people in new York today?
Seeing these prices for rent, I'm glad I'm in Brisbane.
Yea, i took it out in the end. Didnt look that great
Have to dress 'smart casual' to dinner with the gf and her family on the Goldie. In this weather I rather wear shorts t-shirt and thongs.
  Recently picked up a 5-zip of Grailed. Sleeves tad long unzipped but not too bad when zipped up. Other than that, I feel it fits great. Not too loose, not too tight.
Undies. I don't really desire any new clothes. I wouldn't mind a hat from Drakes but I can't justify spending $500 on a felt hat
Watched Fantastic Beasts and where to find them on Friday night. Didn't really liked the movie but Eddie Redmaynes coat was pretty awesome.
This has been the most captivating election campaign in my lifetime. Probably the biggest underdog story in my life as well
Cook and have a picnic on the beach
Eidos make somee great looking clothes. Going by their insta, it looks like some leather jackets with Vanson are coming
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