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I'd be pretty keen for a nice jodhpur
I have no clue what my sizes' are in metric, only imperial..
Maybe it's time to hit up libertine again
RM williams makes my comfiest shoe as well   [[SPOILER]]
Don't want to mention names but some people have waited 2yrs for a simple leather jacket
Clicked on the Vanson/Thruston Bros thread. dem feels when people have jackets
I think that was the case in Australia as well. A lot people just imported it from Japan. They can be had fairly cheap as well. About $3k aud. But I don't know enough about bikes to be able to spot a dodgy one
I just want my jacket so I can stop reading this thread. Winter has come around again and I haven't received shit
How about the cbr250rr mc27? Or is that mainly 90's
that reminds me that my RL Preston pants have disappeared somewhere and I need a new pair of khaki chinos
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