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Old people have just as much right to dictate the future of their country as young people. Dying sooner doesn't make it less valid.
what work? You just wear them
I recently stayed in Thai town at the bottom of Pitt St. Plenty of nice Thai restaurants. Chat Thai is 1 Street West of Pitt in the Thai town area. I'm assuming it's just as good as the one in the cbd
These days you probably get an extra 25% off by visiting their website
[[SPOILER]]  It's 2016 and muji not having a webstore is pretty ridiculous 
I'll be in Sydney at the start of June. Will definitely check it out
just show off more of your ankles!
https://imgur.com/a/pE1oq Jeans. 2 folds or no fold?
Walking along Queen st, this guys pants are so short you can see his socks... [[SPOILER]]
looks like something teenage Asian Girls do lol
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