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Yes the clifton is discontinued.
yes it does
All the outlets are having the 2 for $250 sale.  Shoebank is just a name for one of the outlets.  
What size do you need in the players?  Just ordered a pair from Jeffersonville earlier
Just doesn't apply to clearance or discounted shoes.  Must be a full 2nd quality price shoe.
No not right now.  The Souls 4 Souls starts tomorrow.  Donate a pair of shoes and get $35 off a new pair of shoes.  Jville 740-948-9033
All the outlets have access to the same list of shoes.  Any outlet can help you with a list.
The spring line is hitting and the fall line has been verified.  
You should call 740-948-9033 just got a bunch of new Leed cordovan in 2nd quality.  They look great!
AE in Jeffersonville just ordered some of the new Spring shoes in 2nds.  Give them a call if you are interested.  740-948-9033  or
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