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I know Segi carry so many brands of fabric such as Zenga, LP, Scabal and Harrisons. Anyone know is there any wholesaler here in South Korea for these brands? I'm thinking of buying the fabric directly from wholesaler and spot a tailor for suit making.
Seems it needs a login to access. I'm not able to manage the Korean to create an account.......shame......
I have no idea indeed. Instead, you may visit Unipair and they carry a lot of RTW brand shoes. They also have EG MTO AFAIK.
Anyone know is there any similar forum in Korean( talking about the same topic, i.e. Tailor, fabric or even shoes whatever?
Yup. I have a few yards of Hartwist from Harrisons. Will go with them for a sportcoat if they show me a good end product for my cashmere overcoat.
4만원 is fair enough. Not sure how much they will charge for my C&J?    For Lussoso, yes, they don't have much craftmanship. They couldn't offer hand-sewn button hole even you would like to pay extra. There are so many options like 1만원 for lapel stitching, 1만원 for functional button hole, 1만원 for selected lining...etc. I don't mind they offer half or fused canvassed for the overcoat. They are quite flexible as you can have unlimited fittings with no charge......worth to...
Thanks Claghorn, I visited Unipair a couple weeks ago. The shoes they carry is expensive than Armoury and Tassels in hk. Anyway, how much do they charge for the toe plate?
Anyone know is there any shop having a service to install a metal toe plate?
I've been living in Seoul for several months and I'm interested to try local tailor for CMT overcoat or odd jacket. I have lot of experience with tailors in HK for suit and shirt. But I have no idea about the tailor in Korea. Going through the threads here, I have learnt Segi(which is more decent but costly), Savile Row, Mono Gallery and Lussoso etc. I have Colombo pure cashmere fabric for a overcoat. I stopped by Lussoso store near Yeoksam station and had a short chat...
Anyone interested to organize a shell Cordovan MTO ? I'm short of shell cordovan shoes in my wardrobe, looking forward to having a pair.
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