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I purchased this coat for myself in April for $695 and unfortunately it doesn't fit me right.  It has not been altered at all.  Made in Italy and accompanied by an awesome blue button (functional buttonholes as well) and a beautiful pickstitch.  Sleeve inseam measures to 18''. Need $299 shipped anywhere in the US, will ship abroad with adjusted pricing.  Thanks!
Thanks in advance for any help that may be found ITT -- I am mostly just a lurker on the board but have really enjoyed reading many of your opinions.  I come to you looking for help -- I have a client that needs to rent a black tail tuxedo in Paris this week.  He's arriving on Wednesday (late) and needs it by the Saturday.  I know this is a crazy shot in the dark but if anyone could be of any assistance on this, I appreciate it.  Thanks!     Mark @ Gentry
Just one thing we do at the small menswear shop I work at -- we use a shirt maker that you may be familiar with for custom shirts (MTM, not bespoke) named Skip Gambert.  SG makes their shirts right here in the US (new jersey, specifically) and they have a turnaround time of about 2 weeks.  Even better, shirts start at $135 and go up from there.  If that sounds like a good option, maybe call a few local clothiers to see if they use Gambert.  Hope that helps!
I have one a lot like this that I spent more than $265 but it's not half as cool as this.  Best of luck with sale.  Great piece. 
Up for sale are 6 total pairs of diesel jeans, each priced to sell at $74 shipped.  All are BNWT.  Take the first picture and the following picture is the opposite side of that jean.  Thanks for your interest!
mistake post
Sorry I can't help you with your sale, but can you shed some light on the guys over at TaT?  Who makes their suits? Is everything they do MTM?  What's the price point?  TIA.
Who the heck is Luciano Bardelli?  
First and foremost, congratulations on being recognized by your peers and having their support.  With you stating that you already have a fabulous blue, I think your choice of a charcoal is excellent.  Could you expound a bit in terms of what it is you're looking for when you say a "Neopolitan" cut?  I'm assuming that is something slim through the body, but I'm not familiar with the term.  Again, congrats to you, look forward to your response.
Side question -- I can't tell from your picture, is that Hickey sport coat you're selling a 2 button or 3?  Also, is it side vents?
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