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Hey so I'm looking to make a wedding tuxedo. I don't want to do navy with black collar as that is very overdone at this point. One thing I was wondering is that I've never seen a black tuxedo with a dark dark navy collar. Has anyone ever seen this or have an opinion on how it would look?   If not, doesn't anyone have any suggestions about how to make a black shawl collar tux be subtlety different? I was thinking about maybe some sort of black wool that has like a stretch...
Haha not quite sure what that means? What are they comparable to? I like very slim....
Trying to find this!
oops! just added
Looking to buy these! Let me know if you're looking to sell
Designed by Ovadia & Sons   Brand New never worn. A little creased just because was folded up in a bag. Trouser size 32 Dark navy with dark subtle glen plaid pattern. Bad lighting in pictures. If you need to see it more, I could try taking better pictures    
Beautiful winter material and pattern Unfinished hem so you could make as big a cuff as you would like
Beautiful flannel fabric with chalk stripe. Pictures truly don't do this suit justice
BLACK/WHITE Turtleneck: $225 plus shipping Retail $395. Current Season Brand New Never Worn BLACK AND OFF WHITE TURTLENECK SWEATER IN A LUXURIOUSLY SOFT WOOL AND CASHMERE BLEND YARN. CABLE KNIT DETAIL ON TOP HALF IN BLACK WITH A CONTRAST OFF WHITE BOTTOM. FINISHED WITH RIBBED CUFFS AND HEM. HALF CABLE KNIT  RIBBED CUFFS AND HEM  30% CASHMERE / 70% WOOL  IMPORTED Black Silk Sweater: $225 plus shipping Retail $695 Upgrade your knitwear with this pure silk sweater by...
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