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Anyone hit with duties and tax in the UK/EU? Just recieved a bill of £54.44 on delivery, is this normal? I was under the impression because Story Et Fall was in the EU I would be exempt?
yep it does, don't think the sleeve zips were zipped up when I took the picture
Yep, apparently mine was sent in an earlier batch but had address problems
  July 2013 MDR arrived today, bad photo/lighting with phone. Was shipped to the wrong address despite me contacting ToJ with updated address a few months ago, with Dan still not replying an e-mail Charly (who btw has been great for replying and trying to help within his limits) had sent regarding the address, which has left a slight bitter taste in my mouth (had phone up Parcelforce non-stop to rearrange and pay for a delivery and could only have done so because it...
Closest jeans to Uniqlo T-000/Skinny tapered? Got APC PS but they have a bigger seat/ankle opening
Received tracking for mine, MDR. Apparently it's been sent before but I didn't get any address confirmation emails/the address that I gave to Charly was correct? Praying that it goes to my home address lol.
Just received an email from Charly, was told my order will be done soon and its a 26th July order, and that only early/mid July ones were done
Looking for a Toj0, 48 with 46 lengths preferably or a stock 48. 
Anyone with a MDR order from late July? I've tried my best to be patient but feel it is ridiculous that people who ordered in October are getting news whereas I'm getting absolutely nothing. What makes it worse is that someone who ordered their jacket a day before me received theirs like nearly a year ago...
Just realised that I didn't include address details in the original payment message thinking they'd just use the PayPal one. Emailed Charly, but has someone been in the same situation?
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