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Just realised that I didn't include address details in the original payment message thinking they'd just use the PayPal one. Emailed Charly, but has someone been in the same situation?
Haha fair enough, it's because I paid like 3 months before submitting measurements because I was travelling 
Has there ever been a case where someone's orders got lost in the system? I realise that I'm most likely being paranoid and should just keep waiting - MDR 24th July
I was wearing jeans but pretty sure it wasn't over jeans and the belt when my friend measured 
Those are actual measurements by a friend, TOJ recommendations: shoulders 16.5" chest (pit-to-pit) 20.5" midsection 18.5" waist 18.6" body length, front 20.5" body length, back 22.5" sleeve length, from shoulder 23.2" sleeve width @ pit 7.1" sleeve width @ elbow 6.2" sleeve width @ cuff 4.9"  I'm normally a bit thinner and would prefer a more fitted look. 
Just wondering whether this sounded about right? First time buyer and really nervous   I'm 5'7, and my weight is currently 155lbs, but normally 145-150lbs   Shoulder to Shoulder - 16.5"  Chest - 38.6" Midsection 33.4" Waist 34.4" Biceps 12.4"   and I'm not sure how long to have the jacket (MDR), does 20" sound too cropped?   Thanks 
Any chance someone could proxy me a 38 R navy suit with 32R trousers for a fee? Preferably someone in the UK but would be willing to pay int. shipping
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