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  ll bean, champion, levis, fracap   I bought this chamois shirt online without realizing how long it was going to be. works great as a top layer though!
Denim jacket fit looks good over a tee (?) but I think it's going to look and feel too tight with anything thicker underneath it.
I've been to this event twice in the past couple years. Pretty neat if you're into the whole americana schtick akin to Ball and Buck. It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be based off the list of vendors. Most brands/vendors have very limited stuff at the event but it's a good way to spend a morning or afternoon.
 they're actually tightly pinrolled to sit on top of the boots. I felt it was more interesting to have the tapered pants stop at the top to exaggerate the big boot silhouette instead of simply having a tapered leg all the way down to the boot, which seemed more average/run-of-the-mill. do you think it just doesn't jive well with the rest of the fit?
I lurk far more than I actually post. I'd love any input.  [[SPOILER]]
I'd pass on the low rise unless you're a very small person and wear low rise pants only.
 American Apparel
A bit back, I threw together a spreadsheet of l/s henleys at a variety of price points.
potemkin_city_limits, is that a mister freedom peacoat? looks great!
Uniqlo and Lands End have nothing on H&M when it's in almost every mall in the USA.
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