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Finally getting around to posting a picture of my coat, school doesn't let up. Ending up sticking with the 36R Sterlingwear. Probably could have sized down to the 34 but I like the extra room. Just wanted to thank clarinetplayer and peacoat for all their help. Really appreciate it!
Just got my knit bicolor navy and light blue tie in and I love it! Just placed another order for some odds and ends I need. Here are a couple of pictures, tried to show off the "shimmer" effect in case anyone was on the fence. The 2nd picture looks more of a purplish hue than it really is. P.S I just wanted to say how happy I am I found this place, SF and Kent's shop. I'll be the first to admit I grew up having no sense of style, and still probably do not being that...
I thought that at the time but i deferred to the opinion on the phone.  I don't mind spending a few extra dollars to get the correct fit though, thanks! 
Hello all long time lurker here with a fit question. I just received the mil spec pea coat from sterlingwear and I believe it's at least one, maybe two sizes larger than what I need. I wear a 36 jacket (I'm 5'9" 135lbs) and the rep on the phone said I should get a 38, guess I should have checked here first. Anyway here's the evidence any opinions are appreciated.
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