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Not sure I understand. "Successfully shrunk quite a few sweaters," yet it comes out as "Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!"   Former or latter?
Has anyone successfully shrunk sweaters without damaging them?    My father is cleaning out his closet and gave some wonderful sweaters. 3 are larges,however, and I'm definitely a medium. One is a Polo RL, thick cotton yarn in a fisherman pattern. Another is a finer gauge of cashmere, and the tag of the third only identifies it as wool, in a yarn gauge and weight that approximates a typical lambswool v-neck sweater vest.    Any suggestions?
  Sorry the pic didn't seem to work in my post. Maybe this time.
Perhaps this is more in keeping with the thread:                   A white OCBD seems to me to be about the most flexible shirt there is. Looks good with new or battered jeans, with a tweed jacket (especially greys, with a less formal tie, such as a black knit), or a dark plainweave suit.    Incidentally, I'm a newbie -- this is my first post -- but as soon as I've passed provisional status and can offer stuff for sale, I'll be selling an ivory...
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