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Can anyone proxy me up a pair of the navy suit pants? There are a lot of blazers in Toronto but neither Eatons nor Bloor has the pants!
I am meeting a friend for dinner next month and I want to try one of Shoto, Canoe or Acadia. I haven't had either of them, any thoughts? I think I might lean towards Acadia, because it seems to have a good, cozy vibe for winter.
I went to Harlem last night on Richmond and Church. Got fried chicken with collard greens and mac and cheese. I enjoyed the atmosphere and they blasted a lot of MJ but I thought the food was just okay.   Where do you guys go for fried chicken? I still need to try Stockyards. I tried Country General's fried chicken leg sandwich the other day and finished it in two bites.
This is kind of random, but I have a tiny piece of plastic bag stuck in my zipper. I've been having a hard time getting it loose, any tips on what I should do? My hands are all rough from trying to set it free :(
Anyone know what the stock is like at Yorkdale (Toronto)? I want the navy or black suit set and maybe the sneakers. I find them so endearing.   Or if anyone with access to the suit set on the cheap and wants to proxy to a Canadian, I'd like 36 or 38 in jacket, 32~34 in pants, thanks!   There are a pair of red 11.5 sneaks at Eatons but nothing is marked down there.
  I don't see any mark downs in Toronto yet. I wanted the navy suit but I haven't see any on the racks downtown since release date!
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