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Two random thoughts I've had lately: 1) I think the blue shell MacNeil with a natural welt looks amazing. It's just stupid how cool it is. But since I wear exclusively jeans or wool slacks, I'd never wear it. It's like I appreciate it more as a work of art than useful footwear. 2) Fans of the Rogue beware - But does anyone else get a feeling of Trypophobia when they look at it? The stark contrast between a plain smooth vamp and then the huge perforations rubs me the...
Yeah I ride the silver line out to Tysons a few times a week, and all of the cars are super gross. My soles on the HM have metro smell engrained in them. Whenever I go into downtown D.C. and ride the red line I'm envious.
Ordered a pair of brown grain Macneils from the seconds sale. At $157 I feel like I stole them. Plan is to use them from suits/business casual in crappy DC weather all the way to with jeans and button downs. Pic of my brown HM on the metro this Friday morning. I wear these things at least twice a week - love em.
$400 when I saw them in December.
Phew, I'm relieved... I think. Post pics when you get them and clean them up some.
I saw these in store back in December. I'm an 8.5E and was trying on 9E brown grain 2.0s when I saw those in the clearance section. IIRC I didn't like the fit as much as the 2.0s with the proron but as a non-shell owner I was tempted. And those damn things are still there... hmm...
Trying to break in the Stuttgarts around the apartment before their maiden voyage tomorrow. AE really needs to bring back a full time dress wing tip blucher, these things are great.
 I can't help you with the AE bag, but my girlfriend bought me a Filson 256 last Christmas and I absolutely love it. It's sturdy, protects my things well, and will last a long time. I think it's easily worth the investment, especially knowing Filson will back it for life.  My suggestion is to buy both and compare, then return the one you don't want. IDon't let price get in your way - year's down the road you won't remember the $100 you saved. And as an FYI she got the...
 I have the similar styled Delrays, and they have a lot of creasing as well. They fit like a glove, but I think the creasing is just a product of the style - blucher with a super long and flat vamp.
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