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Hey there fellas. I'm in the market for some relaxed fit dark wash jeans. I don't have much of a preference between raw or washed denim. Basically, I just want them to be comfortable, clean and conservative. I'm not looking for baggy fit jeans, just a relaxed fit that will fit my big thighs (6ft, 175lbs, athletic build). I have found it hard to find a lot of relaxed fit jeans from nicer brands, as it seems most guys are wearing straight or skinny jeans. My current...
  It's funny you ask this, because I just got back from my first visit to the local Rack a few minutes ago. There should be a mix between first quality and seconds - some pairs had the shoe stamp they put on their second quality shoes. I did see a lot of shoes that had been beat up a little bit though. There will most likely be some scuffs or a little wear on most pairs, so they're basically all going to be similar to a second quality shoe in terms of aesthetics. 
  Yes, they will recraft seconds. Second quality shoes should only have cosmetic flaws - some more noticable than others. The structural integrity of the shoe shouldn't be compromised, thus allowing them to be recrafted when the time comes.     The Moras are a discontinued model, and therefore a rare find. However, it seems as though the AE shoebank and outlets hold on to discontinued models for quite sometime; however long it takes to sell them. I didn't get a pair...
To reinforce the crazy amount of seconds in stock for D widths:   8.5E Walnut Strand seconds: 5 9D Walnut Strand seconds: 62   Speaking of that, there's a pair of both Cordovan Walnut Strands and Cordovan Walnut Daltons, as seconds in 9D. Someone needs to pick those up! 
I have a question for you Dalton owners.   I'm an 8.5E in my McAllisters and Strands, and they fit very well. I got a list of 9D seconds just for kicks, and boy are there a TON of more shoes in that size, including a pair of Daltons. I've never tried on the Daltons, and I'm curious if I could make a 9D on the 1 last work. Plus that's my last name, so there's some definite bias.   Any input on the fit is appreciated. I might go try them on at the local store, but...
  I agree.   Why would damage considered to be "just cosmetic" be passed on? That's 90% of the reason why we are buying AE shoes in the first place - great looking shoes that are built to last. Cosmetic damange to the shoe is more than enough reason to have the shoe replaced.
I had never heard of Christian Louboutin...   ...$1,000 for cotton shoes? That look like this?  
  I first noticed this issue today, and I've seen others on here where heel seperation has gotten pretty bad, so I'm trying to potentially catch it early. I'm actually not flexing the heel (although it does look like it); I was just trying to angle it correctly to show the contrast between the black edge and tan interior. Me posting here was to see everyone's opinions and thoughts on the matter, and I appreciate all of the input.   Also, I wasn't trying to make it seem...
Hello everyone,   I have seen some posts about the hell starting to split and come off, and it looks like the heel on my black Strands have begun to seperate. I have worn these for about a month, maybe 15 times or so. I should be able to send these in for a refund somewhat easily, correct? I'm not entirely in love with the black Strand, so I might just request a refund and get a different pair & color.    
Took an early lunch break to give the Shoebank a call, and Nate told me that they are all sold out. You guys picked those things up fast.   If anyone who got either brown or burgundy receives theirs and would like to part ways with them, I'm more than willing. I'm going back to grad school and just can't afford the $600 price tag of shell at the moment.
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