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who have a pairs of rrl slim straight . please post your fitpic I try to make decison between slim straight and low straight or any suggest? thank
thank for reply. I mail to RL customer service he says it no longer available   but I see them couple weeks ago at rl online store . Now officer field available only for women. what about men? Dear Tanapoom,     Thank you for contacting customer assistance.    We apologize; however, the...
seem liked RRL officer field chino was removed from rrl online store. what happen anyone know ?   I see only regulation chino
  can't wait 
rrl officer chino should were true to waist or 1-2 size down    any suggest?   thank.
  sorry for my dump question ,  I asked because, I dont know how different between privates sale and discount code get from RRL official online shop . I spend money over 550$ (that spend enough?) @ online shop and get only 10% discount code . I hope private sale better than discount code that why I asked for private sale    thank you all man 
how I reach to private sales interested in iron work shirt
  Where can i get them? have a web shop   brick & mortar only?
what is conus shipping
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