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I'm looking to buy some L1212 lacoste polos, but i can't try it out locally. Therefor i wonder if i should use size 4 or size 5.   In other clothes for references: Lands End polo: M RL custom fit polo: M/L RL regular fit: M Sunspel: L (i'm 6,2", 180 lbs)
I was looking at sunspel and i found this sweater:   I like the look, but im worried since its listed under sweats. Is this something that could be worn in public with chinos/jeans and a t-shirt/shirt? If so, which color is prefered; grey, navy or black?
Go to Upload and post link here.
I'm size 40 in beaufort and "L" in my ashby.   I'm looking to buy a Sapper and a bedale. Should i use size 40 in bedale?   What size for the sapper? Medium or large? 
The 257 has a pocket for a water bottle where the strap is. My question is if 256 also got the same pocket?
I'm looking to buy a Tusting Clipper, buy i'm beeing torn between which color i like the most. Either the Sundance Floodlight or the dark brown miret.   I like the sundance floodlight, but the leather seems more waxy/mottled (look on the 3rd picture), and the leather on the darker one seems nicer (not mottled). Is the leather on sundance waxy or is it just my perception that fools...
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