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I have been both complimentary and critical on here, though probably more to the latter. To honor this tradition I must say that the Magnolias as seen on JF's website are great looking shoes. I will also say that lately the shoe snob blog theme has turned a bit more nasty and in attack mode. Between what appears bias towards certain advertisers of shoes, and now his own line to toot as better than the rest. All neutrality has been destroyed. In other industries people...
Interesting. Is it just me or do these shoes and a few of the shoes posted above have a wider than normal side on the middle-outside of each shoe?Almost like a little bump half way between pinky toe and heel. Is that the last style?
how long does polish last? Generally speaking. I have saphir and some other products and don't use them more than once every other month. Will they last years? I hope so.
Why even use the Renomat?  Just with Reno and polish you'll probably darken it and change as needed.
Thanks for sharing those links.  Other online sites here domestically include Nordstroms.com and Nortonditto.com and even zappos.com carries some.   Also, the poster on here: nice1take5 has a lot of good knowledge regarding Santonis.  You can always PM him to see what he has in stock at the moment.
Am I the only one that thinks those shined shoes look hideous?  Both the shoe and the shine. 
Interesting, so prices are similar I take it between yours and Carmina?  So I guess one could argue yours are over-priced rather than theirs being under-priced. 
Weird, looks like PB must be doing calf raises during his lunch hour everyday. Both those pairs have noticeable issues in the crease. Is it to late to refund those boots?
I found a great, easy (and free) item for producing water drops to use while wax polishing.  A flower water tube.  I bought flowers for my wife the other week and one of the types couldn't be out of water for long so the lady put these plastic tubes over the bottom of the stem.   So somehow I realize that because of water solubility only a drop of water falls out of the hole at a time if held upside gently.  Basically the perfect little tool for depositing a drop of...
Do you guys use bare hands/fingers for applying renovateur?  I used to then read some stuff here and got scared.  So then I tried with latex (doctor) gloves but it's not as easy, so then tried with a cloth which works but still not as easy.   I'm now scared of chemicals in all of the Saphir and Collonil 1909 products I own after the on-going "scientific" debates here.  I think from now I'm going to polish shoes while wearing a mask and gloves at all times. 
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