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I'll give J Fitz some credit, he's come a long way, making some nice shoes these days. Still not donating to his blog.
Yeah you are correct, leather sole, better quality. I see them on ebay occasionally and like 3+ months ago 6pm.com had like 8+ Santoni styles heavily discounted, mainly loafers. Not sure if turner specifically was there.Shoe prices for made in Italy or England continue to rise and deals appear harder to get now than say three years ago. So the turner may not open up. I've never bought used shoes and doubt I will but there are some used ones online.Just once you hit the...
I'd argue no. For reasons that they are the lower end style from them with rubber sole; and more importantly you should be able to find them at discount time to time. For say 30-50% off.I'm sure they are super comfy though.
I'm utterly confused, something just doesn't add up. What am I missing? Are all of those stock photos of shoes you happen to own?You just happened to go to leffot a year ago and now are six pairs in? What about all the other brands you saw that day? I'm curious how they compare.And the whole CJ or Alden vs this brand is complete deja vu. Didn't someone else say something similar a year ago or so? Maybe it was this poster.But it confuses me because why are those two of all...
nicely done. Can you post some pics of the stitching and sole
 I only bowl once a year at most, no thanks. Got to wonder with all the great shoes CJ makes why they make ones like the few posted above.
Back to the 30s/40s here in Chicago this weekend. Some time left to sport my Purdey Conistons before they hibernate for the summer.
Those are great Roger.
Anyone polish shoes so often (ie as occupation or weekly doing own shoes, etc) that you worry about long term health effects, respiratory or neurological. Someone I know who has been painting as an artist (hobby) for past twenty years was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's and the Doctor thinks it's from the substances. He is in his late sixties. It got me thinking, some of these polishes we use have a very thick scent to them. Luckily I only break out the polish once...
New Posts  All Forums: