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Did you use a stainless steel scrub pad?
Black certainly has its place in a man's wardrobe. I've been in board meetings where i am shocked at just how many people where black shoes. That said brown shoes, particularly med to dark brown and burgundy should also be a staple. These just have way more character than black shoes IMO.
How many of those are button boots
Some people in this thread need to seriously get a life. It's a freaking message board talking about shoe shining. It's comical that people start feuds and rip into each other. And if a noob comes posting helpful information he is reprimanded for not reading 236,462 posts or something about the same repetitive topic. Shoe shining. Sorry, but some of y'all could use a real hobby and some time away from this board.
Well after posting here asking for advice on the Wolverine 744s, looking at pics like the one above from this morning, and getting some great responses. Looks like I lost my chance. I called the Rack and had a sales rep go thru men's shoes in my size but she couldn't find them. Thought for sure they'd last till the wknd since are so expensive relative to 99%+ of rest of shoes there. Sux, oh well I guess I've opened up pandora's box at this price point. I did try them on...
Does Lexol darken shoes? I used it for first time earlier in year during spring cleaning/polishing. All shoes but one I didn't notice a change, and think it is a great product. But in on shoe, burgundy color and probably had sat for years new in box in a warehouse and never saw cream or conditioner, I did think it darkened the burgundy slightly. Opinions?
 Same, looking forward to seeing Jazz's boots.  
Nice looking shoes guys.  I struck gold the other day at Nordstrom Rack in one of the Chicago locations.  They had a 25% add'l off all clearance sale going on, so actually stopped at a few for fall shopping.     When Santonis do appear its usually their rubber sole offerings the main stores carry.  Say for $545 marked down to like $300.  I came across a FAM Santoni Vinnie that retails for around $850.  They were marked down to $300 on clearance, perfect condition, and...
Just looked thru the catalog that just came in mail a few days ago. The new Yorktown and the First Avenue brown grain boots are really attractive. If anyone has either feel free to load some pics.
Wait so let me get this straight. mw313 thinks J Fitzpatrick's shoes are better than Crockett & Jones, and far superior to Alden. Okay, got it. That's like like your personal opinion mannn.
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