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I think the Tristan and Patrick are near identical in quality, even though former has the FAM sock. Nordstrom carries both online and are priced 715 and 695, respectively, from a quick check just now. Patrick has a stitching design on the side near heel. My guess is Tristan has more polish finish or patina than the Patrick. Both have leather soles, looks like very similar stitch quality on the top. IMO both are much better quality than the cheaper rubber sole loafers...
This thread is an endless rant filled with hundreds of contradictions, repetitive posts, and pages of Uber hobbyists turning shoe care into chemistry and debating the science behind every little ingredient. One would think at least some sticky posts for guidance would be warranted.
Nice shoes cleav.
Been cleaning up (polishing) a few shoes of late with the snow/salt winter finally behind us.  Figured I'd post the Santoni's here.   The first is a Santoni Quentin brown pair, blake rapid construction, initially randomly picked up a pair of these in Black at the Rack and loved them so sought out the brown pair via Ebay some time later.      Next pair is a Santoni Oxford burgundy pair I recently bought new on ebay, though I believe they were constructed back in '08...
I've posted a few questions of late because I find myself conditioning/polishing shoes this time of year every year.  Between snow/salt finally on its way out and NCAA Tourney on TV it's a perfect time.    Got some great advice.  Finally figured out what to do or how to get a mirror shine.  I think the trick ended up being using the same cloth and area going between wax then bit of water and back and forth.  Like the C&J video someone posted.  Doing this for like 3-4...
Now that spring and soon summer are upon us, even though I received an inch of Snow yesterday, please post any great clearance deals people find for boots over the upcoming months.
Thanks pB.  You helped confirm my take on lexol vs renovateur.
Meant to ask at end of my long past a sec ago. But have others had similar experiences?
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