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You missed my point. Dude is on here complaining but he designed those ugly shoes and if I were AE I'd cut him off for good.And for others crying about my post earlier so sorry for being a little critical on your love fest.
Wait. You custom ordered those ugly shoes now you are complaining that there are minor defects and you are going to return them? If I were AE I'd cut you off for good in future.
Thanks all who responded re my Promontory Point inquiry. Definitely keeping them, looking forward to getting use out of them for Chicago winters to come. Zombie, sweet analysis you shared. I prefer the 8 last to the wolverine. Funny thing is I tend to think some lasts from AE are a bit bulkier than I like. Especially compared to Euro counterparts. Here there is a narrower sleeker last that I like yet others on AE's review page complain it's too narrow. Go figure.
AE's Promontory Point Boots...  So after months and months of searching for a solid pair of boots at local discount stores (Rack, etc) I came across these.  No pics right now but the link to AE's site is:   http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF6643_1_40000000001_-1_   What is your guys' thoughts about these?  Anyone own a pair?  Personally, I think they are awesome and the price I paid ($160) was a good deal.    Reading some of the reviews on AE there are...
After seeing pictures of pitti uomo, not sure a 6'4" 225lb guy can manage to fit in any of the coats/shirts offered by that tailor or get sizes from the shoe makers. After all, I don't smoke, have muscle mass, and I guess for the heck of it don't have a beard as apparently is the new in thing. ha. So unfortunately even though I have the money that stuff ain't my style, nor is it must American's.
Yeah doubt they were Goodyears or fatte a Mano but if they are lace ups and brown definitely worth buying for $130. My guess is they are rubber soles so probably $495 to $550 at nordstroms. Far from cheap but still lower end for santoni. The shoes you compared them to above are probably much pricier...but then maybe you found a hidden gem. Take some pictures if you buy to post. For me most loafers and some rubber soled Santonis are too narrow at my size, 13D. But then...
I have been both complimentary and critical on here, though probably more to the latter. To honor this tradition I must say that the Magnolias as seen on JF's website are great looking shoes. I will also say that lately the shoe snob blog theme has turned a bit more nasty and in attack mode. Between what appears bias towards certain advertisers of shoes, and now his own line to toot as better than the rest. All neutrality has been destroyed. In other industries people...
Interesting. Is it just me or do these shoes and a few of the shoes posted above have a wider than normal side on the middle-outside of each shoe?Almost like a little bump half way between pinky toe and heel. Is that the last style?
how long does polish last? Generally speaking. I have saphir and some other products and don't use them more than once every other month. Will they last years? I hope so.
Why even use the Renomat?  Just with Reno and polish you'll probably darken it and change as needed.
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