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My Paul Stuart Islay Package has arrived awaiting for me at home...still about 5 hours or so before I'll get home the suspense is killing me!!!   I almost want my wife who's at home on x-mas break to open it for me and take some pics...but then she'll see the price tag which was slightly exaggerated downwards on my part so best left sealed until I arrive.    Since I screwed up the no refund policy it better fit.  I'm going to go at this with 3 socks: thin, thicker, and...
So maybe not harder since possibly not as time consuming as other styles but does require another level of perfection and attention to detail, hence could be argued to be more difficult?
They are running out quickly of the Islays. Had like 6 or more sizes a few days ago including the 13/12 I bought. Now only 11/10 and 12/11 left.
Was really hoping FedEx would be at my door today, or may still come today, but no sign yet!  Flew home from Dallas a couple hours ago and was praying there'd be a nice box on my porch. I placed the PS order for Islays on Wed night and only received the initial email order confirmation.  Shipping was 1-3 days, so if they processed early on Thursday then maybe I have it today being 1000 miles from NY.  Or maybe not and it's here next week...but then can't enjoy this weekend!
That's the issue right there.  Who knows how many pairs they had for that lowest price but many times ebay stores scoop that stuff up.  Similar to ticket brokers getting good priced tix. 
Based on what I see above I'd be worried about pee spraying on my Cordovan if I owned a pair.  I'll have to reconsider buying a pair in the future.
oops I even looked at faq section for return policy and didn't see that. I'm sure it will work out.
Well Von Franz, hoit1981, and others; thank you for the tips and advice as I have gone ahead and ordered the CJ Islays in 13/12!!! These will be my first Crockett & Jones shoes/boots, can't wait to try them on. The EXPRESS14 discount works on the fed ex 1-3 days by crediting it $22. That shipping is $22+10 so not free shipping, but still saved some money there too. All in was like $460 since Illinois pays tax. I really hope these fit well. As boots I'm more flexible...
Wait but it's ILSA not ISLA, oh no it may be a knock off that just happens to look identical and be priced at retail identically.
So there's a chance they aren't C&J or is it basically a no brainer?
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