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If I spend $1,000+ plus on boots, any shoes for that matter, they are not going to see the light of day when there is precipitation forecasted or on ground. Practical? There are way more practical boots to wear when it snows than a G&G boot. Try $75 Columbia boots that are water proof. Even more so in urban environments where the salt and slush gets everywhere given the foot traffic. Unless people are wearing their fancy boots on the farm. Chicago, where I live, gets...
They are pricey.  Realistically, I'd never get them as I stick to the $500 and under budget at this time.  But still shared them here as they are a unique and attractive boot.  Many of the top boots that people share in this thread come from several UK brands that easily run into the $1k and up range.  
I disagree, I love 'em.
Yep, here are the other two stock photos, one of which shows the sole.  Certainly a unique sole, detached as you mention with the stitching visible in between.  Neat.    
Just saw these new Santoni boots online, gorgeous, and also very pricey, but worth sharing here.  Santoni Bighorn.  These are stock photos from a US retail website, unfortunately I am not a happy owner, yet.  
Probably just the lighting, but why is there a lighter shade of brown in the vamp? Did you color it with a light brown polish?
Same, nicest boots I've seen on here since at least last winter. Must mean fall is around the corner.Awesome boots.
Don't recall seeing any GY in that store yet, but doesn't mean there haven't been time to time.He has had quite a bit of FAM shoes with Blake rapid construction. Usually his pictures will show the inside of shoe to determine if it is or isn't.Definitely a good price for some of those. Many are a more pointy European style that I've seen in shops or online there. Not a fan of these. But others have looked great, some nice loafers and monkstraps in particular.Yet to pull the...
Picked up this pair locally in size 10/10.5 with hopes to pass onto a family member.  Several sizes too small but what a beautiful shoe.  They are brown suede wingtip brogues, goodyear construction.  I own a handful of Santoni but no Goodyear...yet.     In case one of my brother in laws doesn't want this pair I'll probably come back here to sell in the next few weeks.  Further below just finished conditioning/polishing one of my favorite pairs I own. Dark Brown Santoni...
Finally got around to conditioning and polishing these awesome CJ (Purdey) Conistons.  As it's the first time since the factory polish I'm looking forward for years to come to develop a nice tan patina on them.     For now, back into the box and I'll see them again in about four months...    
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