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Can't go wrong with Santoni cap toes, I'm going on five years with a great pair, that in hindsight got me into the hobby of high end shoes, and they still look brand new. Will take some pics and add to this thread.
Nice shoes, I like those. Do they fit well or are they too big on the vamp? Looks like they could be tightened past where the derby allows.
How did you get so many? I posted at some point in the last 18 months in this thread after seeing them for first time. Found one at the Rack for $530, so $580 after tax, they were too steep for my blood but they fit perfectly. Didn't know what they were at the time. Some research brought me here and realized the whole limited edition, highly sought after, etc. I knew they were shell at the time, actually my first time trying on shell boots (or shoes). Never saw them...
Tan Conistons today.
Tan Conistons today. Sunny and mild yet again in Chicago, wanted to lighten things up a bit:
Interesting debate seeing as how CJ is far from cheap.
Maiden wear. C&J Skye in a tan/tan combo. These guys make some great boots.
Maiden wear. C&J Skye in a tan/tan combo.
Speaking of Ben Silver, what's the story behind this boot:,25393.html#.WJzqKvkrLtQ Picture attached below. Was this a limited Skye style only made for select stores? I'm curious because this is what I bought in Germany a few weeks ago, I think it's the same style. Skye 3 with combo of scotch tan grain and tan burnished calf. Yet to wear it. I just stare at it in awe every night. Maybe Saturday I'll be brave enough...
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