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Can you guys recommend edge dressing, particularly for brown shoes as I have one in black (kiwi)? I see saphir has a few kinds among others. Thanks!
 That's my size, and they are very nice.  Is this is a good deal?  Yet to come across or try on Cleverley.
Wearing these today.  Probably about 3 years old and they continue to get better with age.      
How can you tell if subs?
Great shine kelvw
Haha well said. That's why so many boots here are pictured while not in use. Half of these are too exotic that I bet they don't get more that two days a year use.
No but thanks, I'll call them today.
Can someone recommend a good vendor for black shoe laces, specifically for a Connaught? As close to original as possible. Thanks.
The twisted, or leaning tongue seems to be a quality control issue or defect with C&J. I have a pair of Conistons where the right tongue shifts inward every wear. Basically after an hour or two the tongue is not even visible and so I lose a bit of comfort. A manufacturer's defect if you ask me. Then I tried on several Skye and Islays and quickly noticed one of the pairs doing the same thing. I've never had this problem with other boots. Seems the structure of the boot is...
Haven't worn these beauties in awhile. Today was as a good a day as any. I like these shoes a lot. I've owned then for maybe 1.5 yrs, probably hung around a shelf or storage for another 1.5 years upon purchasing new. Yet to ever polish or condition. I will soon, but the factory shine is still good. I'm a fan of less is more.
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