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Send them back and ask for refund. If denied then formally dispute the charge with your credit card company.  That should do the trick.
Yep, but made for purdey in the recent sale they had going on, that I was lucky enough to hear about from here.I have a few pics in this thread from five days ago finally wearing them out. I couldn't be happier less one minor issue, the right boot tongue slides left a bit, left one is fine. I'm hoping after a few more wears it'll even out.
Thanks Roger
A pair of recently purchased CJ (Purdey) Conistons, size 11.5. Love them and they fit great.
Thanks Cleav, much appreciated.
Let's see if this works, doing it all on phone while sitting at my local watering hole drinking the infamous zombie dust. My purdey conistons, second time wearing them after receiving few days before. They're ggrrrrreat, to quote Tony.
CJ are for manly men, country style. No lightweights.
Wow those are really bad creases. Not sure the shoe can be saved at this point. Were you kneeling in them a lot?
I haven't heard much up in here regarding humidity levels and any impact it may have.  I know in humid areas, take an island like Bermuda for example, you can have your dehumidifiers running all day and your clothes will still be damp, potentially moldy, especially over time.   So I wonder what a climate like that would do to leather? Would it act as a natural conditioner and help keep shoes in your closet more moist than if you lived in say Phoenix?  And say you live in...
Looking back at the pic on second thought maybe they aren't as wide as first glance. The left looking at the pic as someone stated looks to have a lot of room at ankle. But you haven't laced them to the tightest point so maybe gap could be shrunk.As far a which width no idea, but it appears that they are too wide for your feet, and not too narrow. If they are loose at the waist as they appear then you'd want a narrower last.
New Posts  All Forums: