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So much for my dabble into C&J.  Paul Stuart sent me the wrong sized Islays a month ago and since are sold out and won't order more they simply refunded me the $428 +tax.   Bummer, I really wanted these boots in my true UK12 / US13 size, which is what I ordered all along when they still had some in stock.  It was fun while it lasted, I'll stick with Santoni and when I venture to the UK makers I'll probably over look C&J now because of this debacle.
My interesting and quite frustrating first experience with Crockett & Jones continues.  As some may recall I bought the US 13 Islays from the Phineas Cole / Paul Stuart sale a few weeks ago.  Attached some pictures here upon receipt...I love the boots but have been frustrated that they're too big.   They are marked 13E on the inside (not 12E or 13D as one would expect) and when I called Paul Stuart around December 23rd they simply said that's the US size and they are...
Do people (adults) really get Xmas gift like that??? That's crazy. This guy sounds like a spoiled brat who expects a lot and never really worked hard in his life. Funny stuff.
Quick question, what's the best way to reach CJ to have an inquiry or two answered? Fill out the contact us form on website?
If I had that much money I'd simply pay my pilot to fly me to New Zealand, rent a chopper and an assault rifle and shoot a bunch of these rare sheep, fly home, pay my tailor to start sewing and would have tons of them. All in a weekend worth of work.
Hey quick question. I bought this same shoe from same place a week ago at the UK12 / US 13 size. So two sizes up from yours. Mine are big and appear to wear closer to 13.5-14 than a US 13. However on the inside mine say 13E while yours say 10E. Can you confirm that it is the UK size? I was told they print US size in the inside, though the E is confusing since US would normally say D.
Having doubts about keeping my Islays at 13E.  Will decide over the next week.  Either they go on Ebay for sale as New (w/ box) or I keep them.   The fit is good especially with thick socks or an insole as discussed on the last page; just not sure I can get past them being 0.5 to 0.75" longer than all of my other US 13's.  The UK 11.5 / US 12.5 size would be perfect I feel, but Paul Stuart doesn't carry this half size and wasn't part of the sale.  Doesn't appear Barney's...
So when is the best time to use Saphir Renovateur? 
    Thanks all.  I was wearing them around the house this morning before leaving for work with thick socks and they fit fine albeit slightly large in the toe box.  I love the boots.  I bet 12/11 would be too small, while the 12.5/11.5 would probably be a better fit however I don't recall Paul Stuart having this size.  I'll give them a call to inquire, otherwise I'm sticking with these.  Doubt I'd find 12.5/11.5 anywhere near the price I paid.  Separate question, mine are...
Alright, got home, opened up the box and fell in love at first sight (w/ the Islays).  These shoes are gorgeous.  They are also bigger than I would have guessed especially in the (voluminous) toe box.   I've included pictures and also have some questions for the experts (you guys).  Basically, these shoes are big, about half inch bigger than my 13D Allen Edmonds Promontory Points.  They are wide at the toe box, took me a bit to get used to.  There's also a bit of slack...
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