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Does the 257 come with a lock and key(s) these days?  I looked at some older reviews, and saw that a lock used to be included in the past.  The one that I just received does not include one.  Just wanted to confirm that it's not missing somehow.
Thank you.   I wonder if that has to do with the design facilitating the motion of walking (rolling from heel to toe), similar to the toe area being lifted?
So I finally took the plunge and bought a pair of the 1000 Mile based on this thread (I know...I am not the only one).  Trying to get some expert opinion on something that I noticed:  When I place the shoes on a level surface (e.g. a table), with the heels in full contact with the table, there is actually a gap between the bottom (leather sole) and the table.  Put it in another way, if I place the shoes on the table, there is actually a gap between the heel (towards the...
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