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Awesome. Why is the blazer not listed in their site? You must be an Internet wizard.
Has the designer/company of this jacket been determined yet?
It's tight across the middle part, especially the outer sides of the shoe. It kind of rubs on my pinky too. Since I'm not going to return it, should I take it to a cobbler to stretch it or is there something I can do about it at home? Thanks!
  I've only worn them twice for approximately 10 hours total. The tightness is in the overall midsection of my feet. It's especially tight in the area behind the first pinky joint but in front of the heel, the spot that's directly across from the arch. Do park avenues in black calf stretch in those areas? If not, would a cobbler be able to fix it? Thanks!
Thanks guys. I'm afraid I won't be able to exchange them as they are factory seconds that I purchased for an event late December. I used the measuring tool online and the width of my feet lined up perfectly with the suggested width. In retrospect, sizing up one width would've been a great choice. I assume shoe bank does not accept exchanges for (gently) worn shoes?
Hey guys, do these park avenues look narrow for me? I'm not sure if the V shape is supposed to be that prominent. Thanks!
AE Park Avenue seconds. Are these a bit narrow for me? I didn't get to try them on beforehand.  Thanks.        
I tried posting that last comment yesterday, but it required moderator confirmation...  Thank you both for your feedback. I definitely see a hint of navy in the tie, but at the same time it also looks very charcoal. I find this subtlety very intriguing.      If anyone has any other links to similar ties, or any feedback to the tie in question, feel free to contribute!
It definitely looks very dark grey/charcoal to me, but I think am also picking up a tinge of navy. Kind of like this tie worn by Daniel Craig.             Perhaps I'm wrong and it really is just plain charcoal. That'd be nice too because it'd make the search that much easier. Thank you for your warm welcome!
Hi everyone,   So I was catching up on Suits when this tie+suit combo really caught my eye. I think it's a dark grey/silver grenadine but I'm not too sure. Could someone please confirm the texture and colour?   Also, if you know where a similar tie can be bought, a hint in the right direction would be super awesome      Thanks!      
New Posts  All Forums: