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Where is a good place to get crotch blowouts repaired? Hasn't happened yet but I can feel it getting thin down there.
Anybody know if these are n&f? They look like double sided camos but they have that little pocket on the front.
Starting to fade a little bit. I've never seen pics of these really faded
My left hand twills about 3 months of everyday wear. [IMG]
Thanks guys. I'm wearing my lht everyday that's why I don't wear deep indigos as much now. But I'm gonna wait.
I'm tempted to buy some Elephant 2s. But I have deep indigos I don't wear yet. Is there that much of a difference?
Westbrook in double camos. Haha
I'm excited to see more pics of the thermo chromic denim. It looks like they have the lighter jean look that I've been wanting. And the light weight selvedge looks perfect for the summer!!
Really? I guess I won't pursue them. I thought they would be nice to have a lighter denim
Will they ever release the reverse fade again? I need a pair!!
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