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LOL, so Kanye is the reason for grossly inflated prices on the Chelseas: http://www.upscalehype.com/2015/04/kanye-west-goes-distressed-on-easter-sunday/ Fuck that noise, retail at max. SLP had a very similar model last season, no reason to rush for hype.  The shit luck of having celebs turn that piece you want into a Givenchy tee...
 A calf BCDR, and TOJ0. Minimal customization, I went with the suggested measurements.
90 weeks now.  Haven't received more than perfunctory responses to my six or so emails inquiring about my orders. 
84 weeks. I'm a pretty mellow chap, but I started to get really pissed off about a month ago when the umpteenth cold spell came and I still didn't have a leather jacket to choose from.
 Did you get tracking or no?
Weird, I'm not as "fashion forward" as many of the patrollers of this thread, but I thought UM sale was mostly unwearable garbage...except of course for the raw denimz, which isn't rare enough to be excited over
  Had two items I was specifically looking for, pretty sweet
 There's nothing unreasonable about that.  Presumably the buyer has appraised the risk of non-delivery and the price settled at will reflect that. That's what a liquid market enables—it shifts risks to those who think they can best bear them.
That being said I am past being sanguine & approaching upset.  Like someone else said it's perfect leather-wearing weather & I am sans either of my jackets.
What the fuck does the guy's Instagram have to do with anything.  If the reasons behind the delay are entirely legitimate would you expect him to behave differently?  Even when jackets were being delivered he was pretty open to posting on his life.
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