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how do you change your actively shown classified in your sig again
You know what it is—the infamous SNS Herning Stark, a piece very well regarded on these forums. This particular one is in the rare-to-find Army Green mix colorway, a nice army green with flecks of blue running through it which I think catch the light in a nice and subdued way, especially on those crisp winter mornings. I'm very sad to part with it, love the color to death, but comparing it to my other SNS, a Stark in XL, and another Stark-like sweater in L, it was simply...
 Agreed, I wore some terry pants from them religiously for like 2 months, so freaking comfortable, looked great for a quick run out w/ sneakers too
So before I drop $700+ on a pair of YSLs, I'd like to know what the general quality is like and if there other brands I should be looking at that offer same high top look with clean lines & limited color tones
Yup, that's SF.
 Love this post, cuz it's the work of a true aesthete.  It takes taste to be disgusted by the little things.
It is not a contradiction in terms to say [1] ToJ could be handling the communication about delays better/more openly and [2] substantial delays are exactly what you should expect w/ an understaffed, perfectionistic, MTM operation. In fact the two things are linked: Part of what you pay for when you buy retail is this accommodation, this hand-holding through whatever problems arise, & and the promise to expect deliveries at a stipulated date.  Sadly both the rah rah...
40% off at Wrong Weather on most brands, according to mailer they sent me.  I was called a special client, though I rather doubt that, but it might be possible this is a one-time use only code:    Not planning to get anything there though. Also, it excludes these coveted brands: COMMON PROJECTS, FRED PERRY, ORLEBAR BROWN, DANWARD, COMME DES GARÇONS PLAY. So there you have it.
I too copped these and they've become a favorite already. Really appreciate the muted black suede.  I'm not sure what the mesh fabric is doing though, it feels like there's more circulation, but I'm not sure that ain't placebo effect..
BTW if you are charged VAT, you should email them. Non-EU buyers shouldn't be required to pay it, & the store has no interest in charging you for it—other than sheer laziness or a complicated coding effort.
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