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FUCK YES! Same make for me as well. Love the color, hope it turns out as well as yours.
 good stuff; been wanting to the see the Navy especially after looking at the much better pics at Gentry than everyone else has for it
Like I said, you're under no obligation to act like the nice Crosby's SAs I ask a couple of dumb questions to every time I pick up my groceries.  But all it takes is a little bit of charitable leeway on everyone's part so that ToJ can sell a couple of more nice leathers to the slightly ignorant. EDIT: Not willing to argue about it.  I myself might be wrong, who knows.  Won't post anymore on it.
Volls deducts, I'm pretty sure. (Yup; see here: http://www.volls.de/index.php?cat=VERSAND&lang=ENG) The shipping is something you are going to have to bite the bullet on I think; I saw that the colorway was very popular, which is why I pulled the trigger on the last XL at TBS. By my calculations it should come out to ~ $313 shipped anywhere in North America.
I just don't get this tone. The guy came into the thread very respectful, tried to do his HW, and gets put on blast anyway. No one here is an SA, so there's no obligation, but on the margin people afraid to ask "stupid questions" in the only thread that exists for it WILL affect Drew's business...
 Dude Volls has Oxblood Starks in all sizes: http://volls.de/index.php?cat=SNS-HERNING&product=SNS-PU378203&sidVOLLS=e766c7604ca9f5b2f3c2ae1e6e8d623b
 Styleforum's sample sale was selling a Geller army shirt for a nice price I kind regret not buying...
 Nah, definitely Regis, though both of the above are also consistent.  Regis takes the idea of the "contentment" thread to the next level, IMO.
Crosspost from the SNS thread, haven't posted in a while:  
Oxblood Stark, XL (6' 2'', on the wrong side of 200).  The color is just sick; Bordeaux is an awesome color-way, but I think this season's Oxblood absolutely trumps it.  The olive green threads combine with the bright red ones over a background of burgundy-ish "Bordeaux" to make a range of colors ranging from darkish brown to burgundy -- as if an actual ox was gored and I used its drying blood to color my knit.  Morbid image huh? Well, here's a fit pic to hopefully take...
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