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I seems to not be able to post reply and start a new thread?
I've been reading few threads about English shoes, and I'm interested to get an Oxford style shoes, eg. Loake Aldwych. However all Oxford shoes seem to have a cap toe which I personally don't like, I prefer a clean lines.   Is there an Oxford shoes without cap toe?
  How about Crockett & Jones at Herringbone and Edward Green at J. H. Cutler ? 
Just got a new wool pants and supposedly we should only dry clean them, but I wash it like usual in a washing machine and it's fine.    Do you only dry clean your wool clothings?
Wearing a comfy and stylish shoes
Angel-A from Luc Besson
Put egg in boiling water for 8 minutes, then rest in cool water for 5 minutes.  Yummy.
Is Charles Tyrwhitt any good for shoes? http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/Black-Oxford-shoes?q=gbpdefault||ML060BLK|||||||||||||
Where's a good place for shirt alteration in Sydney?
The new iMac and an Aeron chair
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