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I received my Buzz Rickson Peacoat. My chest measures 42". I ordered a size 40 coat since, according to the SR, the p2p measurement was 22". The size 42 supposedly measures 23".   The actual p2p measurement of the size 40 is 22.25".   The coat is very well made. It is not boxy at all. I'm 6'1" and 205-210. Chest measures 42". Here are some fit pics. Comments are welcomed.     Sorry for the crappy pics. Hope this helps.
What are the rubber soles that these boots have on them called?
Sleeves certainly won't get longer, but jacket will get softer softer. What are ur measurements and what size did u get? Fit pics perhaps?
What sweaters are worth buying at 40% off? I've tried a couple of BB sweaters and wasn't impressed at all, but at 40% discount, might be worth it? ANy staples worth getting? I'm sure if I call today, they would honor the discount.
I recently had a very bad experience with the DB in NYC. They were the only shoes I took with me, thinking they would be very comfortable to walk around. I ended up burning them. The pain was horrible.
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