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 Guffaw! And ... exactly.
That's more like it, that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is pretty nice , thanks for posting!
I'm just a fan of the RRL stuff that looked like it was the costumes from a depression era drama. I'm looking at the camo stuff and thinking Denim and Supply. But you're right, you probably just got this E Mail as well, if you're on the...
 If I didn't know better, I'd think I was looking at a Denim and Supply catalogue. Between this and the Safari line, has Ralph Lauren jumped the shark this coming season?
Did you mean that they don't use Japanese denim at all now, or that they use a different type of Japanese denim than before? I just got a pair of Slim Fit Rigid Denim from their current range and it's Japanese denim. I should also add ... having never even seen a pair of RRL jeans before these ones arrived, let alone wear some, now I understand.
 You must have really large or really small feet, I'm about right in the middle but the ones I ordered won't be ready until March :/ ... which is still practically summer down here but still, I feel sorry for the people who really need them.
Anyone who thought the show was cringey should watch his stand up, or actually, shouldn't ...
I might have to use the black light then.
That makes me sad. I thought RRL was joking about there being Spring 2013 clothing from the line there. From what you saw, was there anything else that would suggest there was a whole lot of stuff around, or was it just the ties?
For those of you who might have more insight into this, when a formerly out of stock size shows up on a sale at Ralphlauren.com (I say this site specifically because I'm sure there are variations depending on the company), is it more likely to be an item that was ordered then sent back, or just end of season stock sent from one of the stores?   I'm sure it could be either, but does anyone know which is the more common reason?   What I'm asking is, should I get out a...
New Posts  All Forums: