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What shirt is that?
Pretty happy with my eBay purchases for today:   Naked & Famous Weird Guys (new with tags) - $26 Levi's Trucker jacket - $11.50
 Below $200 for sure.
Got my first pair of raw denim last year, which scared me off of raw denim for a while. They were Unbranded UB101. They didn't fit well and were so damn uncomfortable. They were like wearing a cardboard box. I just couldn't do it, so I sold them.   Thought I'd give it another go and got some Naked & Famous Weird Guys in broken twill greencast selvedge this week. These are amazing. ALMOST perfect. Bit tight in the crotch area (and I'm not saying I have some monster...
Aussies - I've got some Unbranded UB101's on eBay at the moment. Size 34.
These are on sale. Not sure if I should or not though.
I can't find any stores here in Sydney to try some Desert Boots on, so I need some help. I'm no good with shoe sizes. My feet are 29cm heel to toe, which is exactly 11 27⁄64in, according to:   Which size DB should I get?
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