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I will try to be very unbiased in my research but I am sure some will creep in. I believe both have received a lot of good reviews, and I have seen/experienced work from both. But I believe Black Lapel has a better bang for your buck. Especially when it comes to customization, they will literally try anything you ask them to do. Black Lapel also has the best customer service I have ever dealt with (and I have dealt with a lot in suits, and other companies alike). Also,...
  This is why you shouldn't take advice from mens warehouse or brooks brothers.
  Shoulders look good, maybe one size smaller at most, but then it may be to small. I would keep them. you definitely need a suit with longer sleeves though.
I just bought an off the rack suit because it was a decent fit, my preferred style and the black friday deal was really a deal. I normally go all bespoke but I have 2 made to measure suits. The suit fits very well except the taper is lacking. Can I get the diaphragm/midsection area tapered without taking fabric out of the back, or without slimming the chest/stomach/waist areas hardly at all. Thank you.
It is just how the shirt is made. It is also a spread collar, it appears do have been designed for a larger tie with a larger knot. Try a regular sized thick tie and it should look better. Other than that nothing you can really do. Wear it sometime and ask someone you trust of they noticed it with out you pointing it out. We are almost always our worst critic.
No, It looks blue sometime and grey sometimes.
What color is this:     Thanks
Yes. Those are the biggest thing. Obviously the sleeve is based on you having correct sleeve length. There are many thought but most agree the shirt should not extend past the base of your hand. From there you can get the proper sleeve length. See here And undo the bottom button :)   The tailors you listed should be fine hemming the pants and sleeves its the most common suit alterations done. I personally would get the suit...
The biggest things for high school. The pants are way to long. The sleeves are way to long. Cant say for sure in inches. But the pants should be worn with your dress shoes and just gently lay on the shoe. The sleeves should be around the area of your wrist bone and the shirt should show about a 1/4" of cuff.   Don't ever button the bottom button.   The stitching still in the vents in the back may be affecting it but, the jacket looks a little tight, I would go up...
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