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Serious answer: Something by Avantster or Mail-Moth (Not necessarily these two outfits but you get the point, didnt feel like browsing the whole SZ waywt.) Honorable mention goes to Fade to Black. Will definitely try a style more akin to this at some point in my life.
Yeah I mean... I didn't mean the city. I just meant that if Alden is making a boot for Blackbird/ Context/ Whoever, is sizing still consistent with the lasts, or might Blackbird/ Context/ Whoever choose to tag the sizes differently... like make an Alden 9 into a 10 for example. Appreciate the advice, will make sure when I try on boots its the same type of leather as well.
Quick question concerning lasts/ sizes. Will all boots made on the Barrie last fit the same? For example If I went and tried on some Alden boots (Barrie last) in NYC, should I be the same size in those as I would be for the Context Tankers (also on Barrie last), or might they be tagged differently? Probably a stupid question.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 got it girl! Keep editing your posts
No one thinks they're Maine Guide Boots, but we all know they are Yuketen.
Dude, Yuketen could have done a full run of these exact boots for a store anywhere outside of the US and you would never know. I still don't get why you think you've seen every Yuketen model, or even every Yuketen model produced within the past 3 years. Your suspicions are frankly absurd, and are just another example of people on the internet thinking they have in depth knowledge of the brands they have love for, when really their knowledge is very superficial. I don't...
Monitaly has made moc toe work boots, I'm sure you could find pics if you wanted. It's only logical that they wouldn't waste bags on samples too. I never addressed the ebay thing bc i never went to the link for moos pair and because other yuketen samples sold on ebay have been very vague about source and brand.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 im not doing anything other then making a comment. maybe we should wait to hear if they are real or not. ill im doing is stating what i know... 1. ebay seller listed item with wrong description. 2. leather does not look right (this is hard to tell w/o feeling it). 3. icon is wrong. 4. no marks claiming it to be a sample. 5. ebay seller having multiple shoes of the same style (if this is indeed a...
How do all signs point to it being fake? You have no grounds for stating they've never made work boots before. Not all styles are shown in lookbooks or online, plus the guy who owns them has commented on the quality of the boot? Your knowledge of Yuketens is much more limited then you think. This thread needs it's own Paul T to come in and shut things down.
Quote: Originally Posted by stroke5 anyone know of any US stockists of the blue/black plaid maine guide jacket? I know the bureau has it but would prefer a US retailer. If you're a size Medium then I believe Ryan is selling one in the market place here. Might one to give Odin a call, they've got some stock in but haven't updated their site. Can't think of any other place that I've seen buy it though.
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