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Quote: Originally Posted by + theom FUCK This is soooo good. Synthese you needa buy some more cloak dude. Looks fuckin fantastic. Edit: Are you wearing a tie in that pic? If not you should be and do that military tie tuck thing into the shirt. Really? This fit is terrible, everything about it... I thought it was a joke?
kunk which style of blazer?
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 no, its not the hunt imo that makes yuketen desirable. its the unique craftsmanship, styles, leather, company philosophy, their history, the fact that they are truly made in limited numbers, etc. is what make yuketen's so least to me. the hunt is just a giant pain in the ass. I agree, fuck the hunt. Bought a pair of Maine Guide Boots in all black from TBS. Here's hoping they fit!
Nice buys you guys... those pants are on my list as well. Gotta try em on in person though. This is me so far: WWM Knockabout Shirt WWM Upland BD in Black/Blue Gingham WWM Upland BD in White WWM Upland BD in Navy/White/Green WWM Stream Jacket in Blue/Black Striped Wool WWM Poncho in Blue/Black Striped Wool Going to buy some Yuketens next... but after that I wanna get the Sportsman Jacket, the knit vest and the chunky cardigan....and more probably. I feel like...
Would you guys reccomend sizing Maine Guide Boots the same as Red Wings (875 style models). About to pull the trigger but don't have time to try on...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug If you're immortal and timeless the dracula type style might actually be more appropriate At the very least it would certainly be more authentic.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma 1) Fuck you retards I was interested in workwear before 99% of you dirtbag lumberjacks noticed the trend and jumped on it. 2) Still the mindless attempt at differenciating yourself and your overpriced garments from the fashion crowd through the misuse of buzzwords like "authenticity" and "style not fashion" makes me want to take a sledgehammer to your stupid bearded faces. 3) Fuck you and your fragile...
Love that as well whatever123. Been buying as much of it as I can afford this season. Materials/Fit/Styling all fantastic.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I'm in for two Inventory x Inverallan hats, and that's all I want for the rest of the year. Of course, if an item pops up around xmas time, I'll need to get myself a present to put under the tree Yeah right! You will definitely be purchasing some of the FW Mister Freedom gear later this month. Quit frontin'.
I don't really follow HK streetstyle or trends so his outfits probably seem more unique/ interesting to me than for someone more intouch with HK style.
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