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If you are definitely set on these two specific models then I would say the Momotaro's for sure. I don't really like the denim on those PBJ's for an everyday pair of jeans (grey weft) so I would definitely take that into consideration. IMO you should never limit yourself in such a way as this... almost everytime I go to BiG or SE to buy jeans I end up liking a pair that wasn't even on my radar. It's really hard to tell how stuff will fit through pics and measurements. If...
Quote: Originally Posted by ubc121 Has anyone had their stream jacket altered? I was wondering if it is possible to shorten the sleeves and maybe take it in a bit without it being a huge operation. Sorry if this sounds stupid but I wasn't sure if this could be altered like a sport coat. I haven't had mine altered. Just take yours to your trusted tailor, or one who comes highly recommended. They'll let you know if it's possible or not. A good...
Right now it's pretty concise. I sold basically everything and just bought some Black Yuketens and a bunch of this seasons WWM. My plan is to only buy WWM for this season (since I love it and it's daikis last fw) and make a solid wardrobe base with that, and then from here on out buy stuff that will compliment well from other brands that I love but is super pricey (like Nigel Camerman, some visvim, etc.)
Quote: Originally Posted by trafficjam Yeah! And what's with that band that nobody knew about that played in a commercial and now everybody likes them? Literally LOL'd at this. I imagine most people stopping in at J Crew think the road champs and hellers cafe stuff are props anyways.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Some du on sufu recommended synth wear wingtips with that fit. I don't know about wingtips but box fresh cp hi tops don't work much better.
really feeling scott and chrono. i like snakes fit but am pretty anti boot tuck so that killed it a bit for me. almost voted for aeglus solely based on footwear, i love those trickers.
By model I meant black w/ black sole, not maine guide boots in general.
Got my first pair of Yuketens this weekend, Maine Guide Boot in black w/ black sole. I ordered sz. 11 but that got sold so I had TBS send me the 10's. They seem to fit OK. The width (E) is slightly narrow but I believe it will stretch to be perfect with time. I don't have a ton of room in the toe box, and I have very minor heel slippage so I think this size was best for me... 11 would definitely have been too big and this model doesn't come in half sizes as far as I know....
I meant fit as in outfit, which should have been obvious. What do you think matches about a navy blazer and green(?) 3/4 pants. Also I didn't mean I wanted to see some socks lol. Anyways Synth you are way better than that shit. Stick to more simplified styling and classic silhouettes until you have your shit more fully together.
The top and bottom don't go together at all. The sneakers are terrible (zipper, contrast lacing, button snap). The 3/4 pants with leggings but then open skin before the hi top sneakers. Whole thing is a mess. Honestly I find almost everything about it objectionable besides the actual fit of the individual pieces. I would like to hear what peope think is SO GOOD about this.
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