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If anyone has the FW08 charcoal raglan hoody in a small or extra small for sale shoot me a pm.
Quote: Originally Posted by canstyleace Thanks T, I'll call them up this weekend, I just hope that guy that bought all the xs's from the nyc store did so before this line arrived otherwise I'm screwed. Pretty sure they don't do phone orders. If they have what you want then shoot me a PM. I'm gonna be going into NYC next Wednesday and I could do a pick up for you.
Quote: Originally Posted by adamha21 What knitwear have you tried? Thats what I was looking at and I was looking at size 50. Adam I tried on a mock turtleneck... can't recall the style name, and it's not up on the Opening Ceremony website yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 From the Tenue de Nimes video Fuuma linked, Cabourn considers those a signature detail--lifted from WWII British Army pieces. I think Krane outerwear uses them as well, and a handful of lower tier brands have also incorporated them. I fucking love that video. Nigel is EXACTLY how I imagined him solely from images and the like. Such a cool dude. Quote: Originally Posted by jet I...
Adam personally I think you'd be a 50... I'm a 48 in the Cameraman (tried on SS10 and FW10 versions) and IIRC I believe you're generally 1 size above me in EG and WWM right? (For reference I wear a Medium.) Also I needed a 50 in Cabourn knitwear.
Went to the Nepenthes store for the first time today. Met Angelo and Abdul and they were great guys, super friendly and shared tons of knowledge. Tried on some WWM and saw some amazing (and wild) Needles and South2West8 gear. Great space, nice stock and layout. Also Abdul said after the Rest pop up shop they'll likely be doing one with Post O'Alls. Overall a very refreshing retail experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by JRyder Good, but not as good as Engineered Garments. Interested in what makes you think this. I would give a slight edge to WWM because of my experiences with the outerwear but to me the brands seem to be virtually identical quality wise.
Quote: Originally Posted by goatamous The price point is still double that of a regular pair of Flatheads Do the subtle differences x collabo really justify the extra cost? e: was already beaten to it. so ill just say this: "price point"
^^^You're right, slubiness won't make it look off. I just listed it in without thinking, but the other characteristics of the jeans mentioned, like grey weft, or a pair with indigo warp and weft, would look out of place in certain contexts. Like if you are going for an "Americana" or "Workwear" look (super vague but you get me), a pair of regular blue jeans (indigo warp, undyed weft) with contrast stitching and the usual rivets etc, would compliment the outfit much better.
I like both the 011 and 007 but wouldn't reccomend them as an everyday pair b/c the detailing, darker hardware, stitching, warp & weft, slubbiness make them look off in outfits more suited for regular blue jeans (for lack of a better term.) I think pairs with more off color detailing or dyeing method etc, are more suited as part of a larger rotation. Also I didn't notice the price discrepancy, so you are right... either way it will come out around the same price.
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