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Not sure if it's exactly what you are looking for, but the first thing I thought of was the Wings & Horns M65 in Glencheck. Here is a Sufu thread with details on the jacket: And Here is someone in the Supermarket selling it in size Medium: Hope this helps, it's a great looking M65...maybe not as "refined" as the other one, but still fantastic.
Yeah I saw it... I was sort of hoping McNulty would stay sober. Oh well, it'll be a great season no doubt.
To expand on the above post, here are some sites that put in front of you a good deal of the Black Friday Sales, it shows the ads posted by different stores.
I bought this shirt from SUFU user CityHunter for $50 shipped, came in last week and it was too big. Selling for $50 shipped (to continental US), this is exactly what I bought it for so I'm just looking to break even, and it's a firm $50 so please don't PM unless willing to pay that price. For reference it retailed for $189 at American Rag in LA. Below are the pictures he posted of the shirt, only difference is I cut the tag off, but I will send that along with the...
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