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Shirt is sold, sorry man
Mine were tight at first and blistered my feet a bit. Now they are fucking perfect. Most comfortable boots I've ever owned, have exclusively worn them everyday since I got them in either October or November, can't recall. E: 123 just my 2 cents of course but I think you want a tight out of the box fit on MGB's, they will certainly stretch. E2: I love that Blackbird is stocking some different styles. Yuketen has such awesome variety but a lot never seem to be put in...
Have you seen someone wearing a lot of rpm gear at all in real life? I've seen some white women wearing rpm really well and i think kixslf and carl both wear it well. A lot of it is very casual, simple and subtle, not a difficult brand to wear imo... maybe setting and styling is making it seem more out there?
Adam you are the king of overshirts! Great fits everyone... GATs look great in that context by the way. Gonna try to get some of my own pics in here... Been over 2 years I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW while I love Daiki's work, I'm most WWM fans at this point already have some version of the upland jacket, upland shirt, a parka, and ranger pants/shorts. It would be nice to see different stuff made with the quality woolrich fabrics (especially the red herringbone wool) WWM is much more than those pieces though. I think this past FW season was amazing and some fantastic new fabrics were used. IMO the...
Love that jacket man. Hopefully I'll be able to find that colorway jacket + pants when I have the skrilla.
Bought myself the Sportsman jacket for Christmas and it's amazing, absolutely love it. Last clothing purchase for a while though, hopefully I'll still be able to find pieces after the seasons over.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Thanks, guys. It's one of the best purchases ever for me. Tip: watch Opening Ceremony come sale time. I picked it up for 75% off. I agree, although I also like the all-navy and the stone/olive versions. There's a bright orange or blue one with windowpane tweed that make me wonder.... The Mallory looks great, Johnny! I'd love to have one myself... someday. There is a navy herringbone version that I...
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude ^wow haha ... please tell me thats a knockoff if not i want that! self parody, definitely real.
It looks great... don't sell it. Sizing might be slightly different but I found the difference in size between a L and M on the stream jacket to be huge.
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