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Anorak shirt looks great Timpo, did you go TTS?
Quote: Originally Posted by dixonmanor So, after combing through this thread and timbo's stockist list, am I correct in thinking that Nepenthe NY is the only place carrying the polkadot bedford in khaki? And they don't do phone orders, do they? Call them to double check. I know they plan to do them at some point.
I hate Mark McNairy.
Stupid collection to be made under the WWM label. Almost looks like BoO meet J. Crew...doesn't even look like McNairy. Not really quirky at all, very boring and the WWM beanies are such a roll eyes. Also this: Quote: Originally Posted by WWM Site Every single piece of the Woolrich Woolen Mills collection has its own history, use and functionality that derive from the American outdoor world. has been totally lost with this collection. E:...
No idea but I really like it. It's cool seeing these references presented in such a different way.
One of the laces on my MGB's broke the other day...
Price Drop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pulled thanks, 10char
Could someone ID these pants for me please?
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 is the color of that first boot loden green or is it a new color? it almost looks to light to be lg but it might just be the lighting. i wish he would not use the white cristy sole so much. that boot would look better with the same crepe sole he used on the sport chukka or at least some variation of that sole. regardless, i added these to my shit to buy list this year. Don't think this is loden...
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