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Bump. (Consolidated thread and price dropped on the shirt, added another shirt.)
Drop on the jacket down to $425
Bought this from Nepenthes NY in December. Fantastic jacket, just moving away from this color palette. Size Medium, fits true to size. Beautiful jacket and very warm... one of the best Varsity style jackets to come out this past winter. Made in USA, by an OG Varsity Jacket company out of California I believe. Pictures borrowed from The Bureau, I can provide mediocre iphone pictures of my own by request as well as any other measurements you might need. WWM Sportsman Jacket...
bump for price drop
Moved here:
Another big price drop.
beautiful anorak. if i could sell my shit, would definitely buy it off you.
Big drops, send me an offer. Really need some cash. Jackets up on Ebay, would rather sell to someone on SF though.
Bump for price drops.
All Sold
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