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yeah, they have a whole sidebar with guides for beginners, i never scanned through it but it's probably pretty decent.
 i really love the j.crew dress pants, but oh man, the suit jackets or blazers don't fit. the 36r is too small and the 38 is just too big. sucks. i was pretty set on buying a ludlow suit a few months ago until i discovered the jackets just don't fit me. ended up getting a jil sander suit on sale for about the same price as a ludlow sit so it ended up working out okay ;) i totally agree about j.crew not having as much stuff that interests me, at least this season. i usually...
Alright, a bit of an odd question here.   I found some Junya Watanabe plimsole-style sneakers that I really like.   The available sizes are XS, S, and L. Unfortunately, there isn't a size chart on the website.   Does anybody know what size a Large is in American sizing? I haven't had any experience with Junya Watanabe before. I could order the shoes and return them, but I guess I would like to know the comparable American size beforehand so if it is really too...
 yeah i wouldn't buy another one of their t-shirts again, just because i feel there are better ones out there. it is a shame because the colors are very beautiful. hopefully they'll improve them in one of the upcoming seasons.
 this one by blk dnm looks pretty nice, but i have never tried out anything from them before so i can't speak for the quality.  here's a link for it at saks http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306418052&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446676773&R=887635028476&P_name=BLK+DNM&N=4294909283+306418052+399545540&bmUID=kkErh2x
i have the lee t-shirt. i bought it because i was pretty much in love with the color (a shade of mossy green). the fit of the t-shirt is pretty good, the sleeves are a little shorter than i would like but it's not horrible or anything, honestly comes down to personal preference. the material is pretty nice, actually. i didn't know when i ordered it that it was slub cotton but it's only slightly "slubbed" so it has a nice texture.  biggest and only real complaint i have...
i have this keychain by il bisonte. my parents gave it to me as a gift and it really is beautiful.      
i am gonna get those alexander wang shorts too, which is kinda crazy for me considering it's really different from what i usually wear. they are sold out almost completely at some sites so i should probably order them soon....  anyway, bought this dolce & gabanna sweater. not a huge fan of them, but i love this piece a lot.   and this PS paul smith sweater   now i gotta get some madras shirts for spring...
 not too much of a difference really other than the quality being a bit better, and they fit pretty well. i am gonna give some no-show socks by paul smith a try. i like his dress socks so i imagine his no-show socks will be great too.
    Always love getting some Band of Outsiders shirts, they are my favorite. Picked this up for $70 at Barney's.
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