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Unsure if I should pick up the addison or the regular 1k.. and what color.. hmm
  Ordered, thanks
How do the slim fit and normal fit ocbds fit? I'm a 42" chest w/ a 32" waist Would a large slim fit be fine?
    Damn, I'm looking for no bunching in the back Guess I'll just get some on sale like at jcrew or something and get them tailored I wear mine under sweaters too but it's not really cold here
What are the best OTR fitting oxford cloth button downs? 5' 11" 185 consider myself built since I play football and wrestle Not trying to spend much since I'm 17 Been thinking Uniqlo and getting them tailored if I need to
so you think these will stretch a bit? don't want them this tight or should I just return them?  
How much do N&F stretch in the thigh? Mine are pretty tight. N&F dirty fade will post pics when I get back
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