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Any interest in an unworn blue oxford Cricket Jacket, size 50? [/hijack]
So with the weather starting to turn, I pulled my boots out of their boxes to give them the once over - after a summer of running and largely not wearing shoes I now find them way too narrow and wondered if anyone here might want to give them a home? I have:   -Navy calf austerity Stow, natural barbour welt, red dainite sole -Lollipop Horween Eaton (4497), natural barbour welt, red dainite sole -Black cordovan Stow, black welt and dainite sole   Top two from...
Stow is 4497, and the End make ups are always lazy IMO.
Ashamed to say I quite like that strap brogue...
Cheers for the heads up Eric - do you know how the sizing on the surface jacket comes up? I'm 6'3" with a 40" chest, 19" across the shoulders - I'm not sure it'd be big enough, as I'd need space to layer underneath. Any help would be great!
The whole 'Trickers X _______' makeups are usually rubbish IMO, but those are pretty nice. The suede colour is awesome, would've liked to see it used more although I like the mismatched thing they have going on.
If its not too late to join in; 11350.6 + 5 = 11355.6
And today:
Usually a £100 deposit (may be more for cordovan), then pay the rest off either when the boots arrive at SH or in the interim period if you wish.
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