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Stow is 4497, and the End make ups are always lazy IMO.
Ashamed to say I quite like that strap brogue...
Cheers for the heads up Eric - do you know how the sizing on the surface jacket comes up? I'm 6'3" with a 40" chest, 19" across the shoulders - I'm not sure it'd be big enough, as I'd need space to layer underneath. Any help would be great!
The whole 'Trickers X _______' makeups are usually rubbish IMO, but those are pretty nice. The suede colour is awesome, would've liked to see it used more although I like the mismatched thing they have going on.
If its not too late to join in; 11350.6 + 5 = 11355.6
And today:
Usually a £100 deposit (may be more for cordovan), then pay the rest off either when the boots arrive at SH or in the interim period if you wish.
I'll probably end up with a barbour instead - it's starting to rain pretty much every day now so can't wait too much longer!
Surface jacket looks great - keeping my eye out for a lined olive one, but no luck so far.
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