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Had ring zippers on the back pocket, and I'm sure it was a zip front too - thanks for your suggestion though!
I wonder if someone could help me identify a jacket I saw a chap wearing last week - it was a plain, short jacket (Bedale sort of length), but had two zips at the back for a poachers pocket?   I should've just asked him what model it was, but I didn't. Any ideas?
Looks fantastic - entered!
Excellent news
 Which style of jacket?
So I purchased the black cord trousers and grey raglan sleeve shirt last week, and just wanted to say how lovely they both are.   Sadly the sizes that were left didn't fit me, and I've never been so disappointed to have to return something - somebody needs to snap both those styles up as they're really quite stunning!   Will be keeping some cash aside for future styles and not waiting so long before treating myself!
Could anyone comment on the size of the munson last? It looks wider than other styles - I've tried the moc-toe boots and oxfords and found them too narrow.
Any interest in an unworn blue oxford Cricket Jacket, size 50? [/hijack]
So with the weather starting to turn, I pulled my boots out of their boxes to give them the once over - after a summer of running and largely not wearing shoes I now find them way too narrow and wondered if anyone here might want to give them a home? I have:   -Navy calf austerity Stow, natural barbour welt, red dainite sole -Lollipop Horween Eaton (4497), natural barbour welt, red dainite sole -Black cordovan Stow, black welt and dainite sole   Top two from...
Stow is 4497, and the End make ups are always lazy IMO.
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